Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What I did yesterday

I had a really good day.

Yesterday Annie Modesitt was teaching at Get Knitted, and I had booked myself a place at both of her workshops. The subjects were Combination Knitting, and Cabling without a Cable Needle.

And I had such a good time. I came home tired - so tired! - but energised, and with so much new stuff buzzing around in my head.

I've got my head around combined knitting now, really. And I like it very much indeed.

I've learnt a new method of working lifted increases.

I've learnt a whole lot of different little tips and tricks - so useful!

And the cabling! I thought I knew how to work cables without a cable needle. - well, I knew one method, and certainly I've worked this way many times. And I will admit, I wondered what more there could be to learn. Well, there was more. Annie's method is much better than the method I've used up til now - and by 'better', I mean easier, quicker, and giving a neater finish. That means 'better', for my money.

I didn't take lots of pictures, I was too busy knitting. Just one.

That is Annie taking a picture of us.

If you get the chance to take a class with this lady, jump at it - truly, you won't regret it. Annie is an original thinker - she is one of those people who thinks outside the box, who sees things that don't occur to most people. She is also a gifted teacher, and a seriously nice person.

I'll say it again - I had a really good day yesterday!

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Linda said...

It sounds fabulous!