Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesday morning

Here are the Leafling socks, finally.

All done, and they fit nicely. These are quite thick socks as the yarn is STR mediumweight. They are worked top down with a gusset that expands alongside the heel flap - except it isn't a flap at all. The heel stitch section on the sole ought to make them wear well - it certainly makes them comfortable to wear.

The purple splodge sweater has hit a slight problem - there isn't going to be enough yarn.

It's looking quite pretty, too. But I'm going to have to frog the whole thing and start again.

At the moment I'm almost at the top of the back, and I've just had to start the third skein of the four which the pattern says will be required. This was a bit worrying as the front still has to be completed from the armholes up to the shoulders, plus the sleeves, plus the neckline. So I weighed the skein at the end of each row, for 10 rows, and from that, with a bit of arithmetic, I worked out how many stitches a gram of yarn will produce. Or, the weight of yarn needed to produce a square inch of fabric - same information of course, just a different format.

The pattern is very straightforward, so it was easy to work out how much more yarn I would actually need, compare it with how much yarn I actually had left - and it turns out that I'm going to be short just about 30 grams. Most annoying.

So then I looked at changing the sleeves to make them narrower, and it does help, but I'd still be short about 10 grams of yarn. So near and yet so far......

There is nothing for it but to frog, and make the body a bit narrower, as I don't want it shorter. I can't face that right now, though. Also, the swift and the ballwinder are currently occupied with my handspun, which is proving interesting to wind up. Apparently I didn't tie it up in enough places. Lesson learned there.....

So it looks as if I will be returning to Flow, after all.

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Linda said...

Oh no, what a pain about the frogging. The socks are lovely.