Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I finished the Hemlock Pullover.

This is a big pullover, size 50", because my husband is a big man. It fits quite well, although it is perhaps just a touch snug across the shoulders and around the upper arms. I think it will be ok, though. Rather too warm to wear at the moment, despite the dreadful weather we are having.

The pattern is from Peace Fleece - Siberian Woodsman Sweater. The main yarn is Peace Fleece worsted weight in Hemlock, and the black yoke is worked in Patons Jet. These two yarns are quite dissimilar, but the gauge works out the same.

The yarn requirements given in the pattern are extremely generous. The pattern says, for the largest size, 7 skeins of the main colour, 1 1/2 skeins of the first contrast which is for the yoke, and 3/4 skein for the second contrast, which is supposed to be the neckband and the line of dots. I worked with just two colours, as you can see.

I did break into skein number 7 of the main colour, and the total amount of contrast yarn used was less than three balls of Patons Jet. According to the pattern, I should have needed at least 8 skeins of the green and nearly 4 balls of the Jet.

Good straightforward pattern. My husband likes the colour detail, I like the nice folded stocking stitch neckband, which works very well I think.

The break was wonderful, although the weather wasn't entirely kind to us - it was cold enough in the evenings for us to light the stove.

This time we went down to Bath. Every time we go there on the water I am amazed at the beauty of this city. It seems that around every bend there is something lovely to see.

We spent some time at Bathampton, as well. The waterway is unexpectedly high above the city at this point, and looking across the valley to the stone built terraces of classical Georgian houses is quite spectacular.

But I think I prefer it away from the city.

This is our relaxation, and really there is nothing quite like it. A world apart......

There's been some more finishing, and some new things started as well - for one thing, the last Blue Moon sock kit is now underway, and I really should have taken a picture of this yarn before I wound it up, because this one looked much nicer in the skein.

It is extremely bright - shades of red, green, and yellow. The colour name is Garden Daze, however I am afraid that for me, these are the Traffic Light Socks.

Fun to knit, though.

I have made some progress with Flow, but unfortunately I didn't bring all the yarn with me, so that came to a rather abrupt halt in short order, and I haven't really picked it up again since. The main reason for this is that I have indeed cast on something else for myself, in wool, and I don't want to put it down.

Pictures soon.....

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