Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday evening

Goodness, posting two evenings in succession. I probably won't be able to keep this up. Anyway, just like yesterday - something finished, something continuing, and something started.

I have finished the Traffic Light Socks, aka In Season, the most recent offering from Blue Moon's Rocking Sock Club. (I know they call it Rockin' Sock Club, but I'm afraid that I simply refuse to acknowledge it.)

These socks are, um, interesting. You can best see the colours at the heel turn - shades of red, shades of green, interspersed with a clear yellow. I am not really at all keen on the striping in the knitted fabric here.

However, this is a very quick and easy pattern to knit. The cuff is interesting, starting with a reverse stocking stitch hem which looks very neat in wear. Then there is a panel with two blocks of a slip stitch pattern, and two blocks of ribbing. The stretchiness of the ribbing makes up for the lack of stretch in the slip stitch sections, and means that you can actually get the sock on your foot without any difficulty. This is a good thing.

After that there is a band of reverse stocking stitch, and then the main part of the sock is worked with the instep in 1x1 ribbing, a standard heel stitch heel flap, and the sole in stocking stitch. I have modified the toe, from a standard wedge toe to my usual graduated wedge toe, for a better fit.

What I will take from this pattern is the use of the reverse stocking stitch hem. This, I like.

Flow is still continuing.

I have finished the back, or possibly the front, as they are interchangeable. There really doesn't seem to be very much of it at all above the armhole shaping. However I know from Mine that this all changes when the edgings are added, so I'm not worrying.

I know that if I just sat down and worked on this, it would be done in no time. But, but, but.... it is cold here. And I don't feel like knitting a little sleeveless drapy summer top, I feel like knitting with wool. Also, I have decided that unless I can get caught up with last year's Sock Club socks - I made exactly none last year, whilst I was working for Rowan - unless I can get caught up, or at least half way caught up, I should really not be joining it again next year. So I am knitting more socks.

And that would be the thing started.

This is Blue Moon Socks That Rock mediumweight, in the colourway Lucky. It was the second offering from the Blue Moon Sock Club last year.

The pattern is called Leafling, from JC Briar. Nice and straightforward - a dotted rib edging, which flows into a leaf pattern panel down the front of the sock, with the rest in stocking stitch. The shaping is interesting and unusual - the construction of this particular sock is based on one of Cat Bordhi's patterns in her book New Pathways for Sock Knitters, and I am looking forward to working it. Something new is always interesting.

The yarn, you will note, is pooling with a vengeance. There are four shades of green - two bright, and two muted. The two bright shades are striping together, the two muted shades are striping together, and the whole arrangement is swirling very slowly indeed around the sock.

This will all change when I get into the increases, of course.

And - Helen? - I promise I will get on with Flow as well!

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UKHattie said...

I can't believe the colours of your In Season ... they are totally different to the skein I have (although I've just looked at your pics on Ravelry and the bottom one looks more like what I have).
Leafling is great .. although mine pooled in an unmatched way.
UKHattie x