Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday evening

We've been off on the boat again.

The weather was just so beautiful, and we had a couple of days with nothing particular happening - so we seized the moment. Carpe diem, as they say, and they are quite right.

We didn't go far, just down to Bradford again - and we didn't really do anything other than enjoy the autumn sunshine. Lunch at a canalside pub, supper on the boat, lighting the stove because it is cold at night now, asleep soon after dark. Awake with the dawn, walking with Lucy through the early morning mist, back to the boat for hot coffee .... It was perfect.

I forgot my camera, but I did not forget my knitting.

The Leafling socks are finally finished, and I'm glad to have them off the needles. Both socks are the same, I pulled back the toe of the first sock and reknit with a symmetrical toe exactly according to the pattern. And it fits just fine. I really don't know why I had problems with this at all, but sometimes that's the way of it.

I am just about up to the armholes with the purple/green sweater. This Peace Fleece DK is lovely yarn to work with, and I am enjoying it. Nothing wrong with a bit of mindless stocking stitch.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow morning.

One other thing that has been really excellent - today I went to a Spinning Guild meeting, all by myself, with nobody taking me there and then picking me up again afterwards. I feel as if I've achieved something, which is daft I suppose, but it is a good while since I've been able to do anything like this.

And oh my goodness, I did enjoy myself. I didn't take my wheel, carrying it from the car seemed as if it wouldn't entirely be a good idea. So I just knitted on the travel sock, and talked to people, just until lunchtime. It was so good to see everyone again, and it is such a lovely atmosphere in that group, always.

Then I drove home, and went to have a little lie down because I was indeed more than a little bit tired and slept all afternoon, right through to 6 o'clock. More tired than I'd thought, then.

But next time it will be easier.


Helen said...

Not daft at all, that's quite an achievement :)

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

I am so envious, I really miss living on our narrowboat

Jess said...

Great to see you there! :)

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of my lovely wheel - I'm still getting the hang of it but she's guiding me patiently! ;)

Let me know next time you're coming to the Guild and I'll carry your wheel in...