Saturday, 5 September 2009

Saturday evening

So, a bit of a progress report this evening. Something finished, something continuing, and something started.

The Fraggle Socks were finished a few days ago. These were a quite disgracefully long time on the needles, for no particular reason. This was an entertaining pattern to knit, but I can't see myself making another pair of these. The yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight, which is always nice to work with, and this busy colourway (Pepe La Plume, and no I don't know what it means other than, presumably, something to do with Fraggles) does work surprisingly well with the busy pattern. They are nice comfy socks, as well.

Here is Flow.

At this point I am just before the armhole shaping, having added three inches to the length. Lots of people on Ravelry agree that extra length is a good thing with this pattern, usually a couple of inches extra is recommended. However I am working with negative ease here, so I thought I'd add an extra inch on top of that.

The little markers are to save me having to count rows repeatedly, in case anyone is interested. I use these all the time.

This would be a quick knit if I would just get on with it.......

And this is the reason that I haven't been.

I have started a loose oversweater in Peace Fleece DK. This is basically Peace Fleece's pattern Josie's Crewneck - the main point is that the needle size is larger than you'd expect for DK, 4.5mm. And of course it is working up at a looser tension as well. I am expecting this yarn to bloom with the first wash - Peace Fleece always does - and I think that this should be very comfortable to wear.

The colours are pretty - Peace Fleece used to do different hand dyed colours, for a while, and this one was called Lavender & Lichen. I have four skeins, and they are all rather different, but I'm not going to worry about alternating skeins or anything along those lines. I am just going to embrace the randomness, or lack thereof, as seems more likely at the moment.

I didn't work a tension swatch despite odd needle sizes and odd gauge requirements, mainly due to extreme laziness, but things do seem to be working out alright, which is reassuring. It is such a pleasure working with good wool, and when the evenings are chilly - as they are, increasingly - this is just what I want to be doing

Summer does seem to be over. I hear it was on a Wednesday, this year. Hmmmm....


Helen said...

I'm all agog to see how you get on with Flow.

Linda said...

It all looks good. The swirlyness of the yarns colours is interesting!