Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday evening

We've been off on the boat again. Nice autumn weather + a few days free = time to escape. And so we did. We've come back, as usual, tired but refreshed.

The weather really was perfect. Chilly in the mornings, and at the end of the day, but glorious sunshine in between.

It is the little things that make a difference.

The evening light on the poplars, moored once again at Bradford.....

A glass of wine and some knitting, before cooking the evening meal..... and yes, my husband likes to fish. No, we don't eat the fish. They go straight back in the canal, and live to get caught again another day.

About one second after I took this photo, a kingfisher flew out from the trees on the right, and dived for a fish, right in front of the boat. And then a minute later, it happened again. This flash of incredible bright blue......

Here is Lucy resting on the sofa in the boat. She's been doing a lot of that recently - and yes, it is merry chaos in there, but in a good way.

With regard to knitting, I frogged the Peace Fleece pullover and cast on for the next size down. So far I've finished the ribbing and I am a couple of inches into the stocking stitch body. I want this finished, I keep thinking of other things that I'd like to be knitting - and wearing, come to that. Like Hudson, which is currently top of my 'want' list, to be made in New Lanark's Donegal Silk Tweed DK in dark graphite. (Note the price there - a real bargain for such nice yarn.)

I have, however, had a sudden outburst of willpower - which may not last - and I have picked up Flow again, despite the fact that I can't possibly get any wear out of it until next year. I've finished both the front and the back, joined the shoulders, worked the neckband - reverse stocking stitch, giving a very neat finish - and currently I am casting off in purl. It's looking rather good, actually.

Still to do - the side seams and the armhole edgings. I hope this looks good when it is finished. And I hope that the negative ease turns out to be appropriate, as well.

I've been feeling very virtuous about this - finishing off a WIP instead of casting on for something new. It does happen occasionally.....


Linda said...

What a lovely boat. We have been so lucky with the weather too. Must make the most of the outdoors!

Helen said...

I'm impressed. And agog.