Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wednesday morning

We've been off on the boat again, just for a few days - and we shall be off yet again quite shortly, as well.

We aren't holidaying abroad this year, mainly due to me needing to recover from the op, and we can't go off on the boat for any extended length of time either, mainly due to me needing to be here for assorted doctor's appointments and hospital appointments. So instead, we are taking all the short breaks that we can fit in.

We don't go very far afield. This time we went down past Bradford on Avon - that's Bradford just there - and moored near Dundas Aqueduct.

This takes the Kennet & Avon canal over the River Avon and the railway. I don't know how high it is, but looking over the edge it certainly seems a long way down.

As usual, I took my knitting along.

The Hemlock Pullover is all finished apart from the seaming now. I am rather pleased with the folded stocking stitch neckband. Bit fiddly sewing down the live stitches, but it does make a very neat finish.

I've got the sleeves set in already, and I should get the long side seams done today or tomorrow, depending on how busy we are.

The second Fraggle sock is past the heel turn.

I'm still enjoying working on this, surprisingly. The pattern is entertaining, and the second sock always goes faster than the first one because there is no messing about trying to decide whether the length is right, as there is with the first sock.

I hope to get onto the next Blue Moon sock quite soon, though. It's called In Season, and I love the colours - although once again, I'd never have chosen this myself.

Finally, I've started Flow, in Rowan Bamboo Tape. I decided on size 38" in the end, remembering that negative ease is my friend, and remembering also that I don't want the shoulderline to be too wide because that is disastrous. I shall be adding several inches to the length, but that's the only modification I expect to make.

I had forgotten how lovely this stuff is to work with.

But I find that I am missing working with wool. Maybe I will cast on something else for myself, as well.....


Helen said...

Mmmm, Rowan Bamboo Tape. I'm looking forward to seeing Flow.

Linda said...

Enjoy the mini breaks , they sound relaxing.