Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Very early on Wednesday morning

Yet another post written at a strange time of night.

My thanks to those of you who have said such kind things - I shall be alright, it is just that things are a bit difficult at the moment. We do what we have to do, don't we? And it is strange how we can keep doing what we have to do, even things that would have seemed impossible, had someone asked us beforehand.

Usually, we are stronger than we believe ourselves to be.

I'm still knitting, but I haven't got any great progress to show. The first sleeve is nearly at the armhole shaping, and it has become apparent that eight skeins would have been plenty for the largest size, even with extra length to the body. I need not have worried about it at all, Peace Fleece have been generous with the suggested quantity of yarn.

I've suggested to my husband that I could remove the contrast yoke, and he could have the pullover all one colour - and all one fabric. But he prefers it with the black yoke, so I shall just carry on accordingly. Leftover Peace Fleece makes excellent hats, after all.

Lucy is sleeping nearly all the time. The vet asked me to call midweek and let her know how things were going, so I shall do that tomorrow. It seems to us that she is fading, she seems more exhausted each day.

When she is awake, she is still a happy little dog. If we have to go out, she is so pleased to see us when we come back. There is a fair amount of bouncing around and barking, and, as always, there is the bringing of toys. She's done this since she was a little puppy - she'll bring a toy to show to anyone coming into the house, although she certainly won't hand it over, funny little thing that she is.

But very quickly she has had enough, and goes to lie down where she can watch us, and then she sleeps again.

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