Tuesday, 4 August 2009

It's still Monday

Monday evening here, and the last week feels more like a month, so much has been going on.

We've been dealing with another family crisis, unfortunately. It is hard on us, but a million times harder for the person concerned - and it isn't over yet.

I am still in a state of complete indecision with regard to what to knit next for myself. There are plenty things that I really, really want to make and wear, right now, but I am still debating sizing issues for several of these, and what with one thing and another I have given up and cast on another sweater for my husband. Because I want to be knitting a sweater.

Now, bear in mind that it is August, and it ought to be boiling hot here - or at least mildly warm. Instead it is cool, and windy, and has been pouring with rain to the extent that we'd be thinking of building an ark, if we didn't already have a narrowboat. Hah.

So, I am making my husband a big woolly pullover. He likes the Siberian Woodsman's Sweater from Peace Fleece, which you can see here if you scroll down a bit. The largest size measures 50" chest which ought to be just about ok, but I think I will probably have to add a bit to the length. The Peace Fleece that I have for this is in Hemlock, which you can see here. It is a beautiful complex dark green, just as they say - that picture looks a bit lighter and brighter than what I've got here.

Anyway, that pattern takes three colours, but my husband just wants two - the other colour is to be black. I haven't any black Peace Fleece, nor do I have any other black heavy worsted yarn. What I do have in solid black is some Cascade 220, and I'm not sure whether this will work well. Peace Fleece is heavier, and maybe the contrast between the two fabrics will just look wrong. If it does look wrong, then there will be a pause for thought. And maybe the purchase of more yarn, which seems impossible when you look at the amount I've already got.

One last thing, and it is hard to write about.

Lucy is very unwell again, she has gone into kidney failure. At the moment she's got less than 25% kidney function, and her liver isn't doing any too well either. She's now got a couple of different medications running which hopefully will keep her comfortable at least. There's another medication which might offer more support for her failing kidneys, but there is some doubt as to whether it will trigger off the pancreatitis again - the vet is looking into it.

But we do understand that the writing is on the wall here - maybe months? It isn't clear yet. Yet again, we'll have to wait and see how things go.


Linda said...

You are having a hard time. I am sorry to hear about lucy. x

Heather said...

It sounds like it is all happening at once with you. Hope that things will be a bit calmer soon. Love to you all and hope that Lucy is not in too much pain.