Sunday, 9 August 2009

In media nox

I do hope I've got this blog title right. My Latin grammar is distinctly rusty after all these years.

I seem to have very nearly given up sleeping at the moment, hence this post at rather an unusual time. And I am getting some knitting done, although not perhaps as much as you might expect, considering the lack of sleep in this establishment.

The Hemlock Peace Fleece pullover is coming along nicely.

The yarn, as always, is a joy to work with. The overall colour is a bit deeper in real life than it appears here, but the little flecks of teal are showing up just as they should.

I am no longer thinking of Cascade 220 for the black yoke - instead, Patons Jet. I don't know how I came to overlook this. Manufacturer's recommended gauge for this yarn is 16 1/2 sts to 4" - I'm working with the Peace Fleece at 17 sts to 4". That sounds much more the thing.

I've actually finished one of the Fraggle socks now.

This looks much nicer in real life than I was expecting. Yes, it is quite a busy lace pattern, but somehow it does gel with the yarn.

And I always seem to enjoy knitting lace socks. These have a four row pattern repeat, which means that it is a bit like knitting stripes - very more-ish. You want to just get this repeat finished - and then you just want to work the first row of the next repeat - and then you might as well just finish this repeat after all, it's only another three rounds - and before you know it, you've done another inch.

I haven't cast on for the second sock yet, because I want to get into the black yoke section on the Hemlock pullover.

Lucy is feeling much happier, by the way. She has responded well to the medication, and is visibly more comfortable - in fact she doesn't seem to be in any discomfort at all, although she's still very tired. So that's much better.

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