Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wednesday evening

I finished the Mondo Cable Shell yesterday evening. No pictures yet, I washed it this morning and it isn't quite dry yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

And this morning I cast on for the Trapeze Tank, using black Elann Baby Cashmere, which isn't really quite as luxurious as it sounds - although it is still very nice indeed. This stuff is 60% baby alpaca, 30% merino, and 10% cashmere. I am sure that it is the total lack of manmade fibre content that makes it so much nicer than any of the various cashmerino or cashsoft yarns that are around.

Here it is this morning, a couple of inches into the back yoke. I've now finished the back yoke and I'm about an inch or so into the front yoke. Unfortunately I have discovered that I really can't cope with this black yarn during the evening - I just can't see what I'm doing, reading glasses notwithstanding, so I suppose I will have to get on with Shawl That Jazz instead.

Anyway, I'm making the medium size which supposedly will fit 'comfortably' bust 36". I hope it will actually fit me comfortably too, although I do have rather more inches than that to accomodate. The yarn is held doubled, which isn't my favourite way of working at all, but I seem to be getting used to it.

What else - my Nora Gaughan booklets have arrived, both of them - thankyou Loop! They didn't turn up until late morning, by which time I was already well into the Trapeze Tank. I am now going to display a huge amount of willpower and carry on with the Tank instead of dropping it completely and casting on for either Anhinga or Flow - I have the yarn for both of these already, thanks to Kemps and their amazingly cheap Bamboo Tape.

I've realised that I do, however, have to think about Anhinga a little more than I'd anticipated.

The issue centres around the tension difference. Bamboo Tape likes working up at 19 sts and 27 rows to 4" - Anhinga is written for 18 sts and 24 rows. First of all, I need to see if I like the fabric of Bamboo Tape at 18/24 - at the moment I have my doubts. But swatching is the way to go, of course. I shall try 5.5mm needles instead of the usual 5mm for this yarn, and see how it works out.

If I like the fabric - if! - then thats the end of that difficulty, and I can move on to thinking about which size to make. There are 6 sizes in the pattern, going from 30" up to 50", in 4" steps. And the garment is intended to be worn with zero ease. So - do I go for the 38" version? Or is that going to be too much negative ease? Bamboo Tape does stretch..... Or should I pick the 42" version? That would have just an inch of positive ease - but would the shoulders be too wide, especially with the extra stretch of the fabric at the looser tension....?

If I don't like the fabric at 18/24, then I'll work at 19/27 as usual. I'll follow the instructions for 42", which will work out measuring 40" around at that tension. But I'll have to recalculate the whole of the slanted asymmetrical centre panel, because the stitch/row ratio will be different.

It's never simple, is it. Maybe I'll just make Flow first and dodge the issue for a bit.


SmashingPuffin said...

I don't think you'd have to recalculate the centre panel - even with the different row gauge. You'll see that once you knit, you follow the pattern until the open side slots into the left front. And it is easily adjusted with working the decreases differently.

SmashingPuffin said...

PS: That black Baby Cashmere is divine!

Linda said...

I love the Nora patterns but haven't made any yet!