Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday evening

Quiet times here.

The days are flying past. I'm still sleeping a lot, but I am starting to feel stronger, and it won't be so long until I'm allowed out for a little bit of a walk - I'm really looking forward to that. In the meantime, I rest, I read, I knit, and the necessary restrictions are really not bothering me at all, which is something of a surprise. My daughter, who is a medical student, says that I may find it more of a nuisance in the coming weeks when I am feeling better physically, and I'm sure she's right, but that's not yet.

Sitting in the conservatory and knitting - or outside, if the weather permits, which currently it doesn't - is really very pleasant. Across the fence at the bottom of the garden I can see right across the Avon valley. It is just wilderness out there - the English variety thereof, of course. The hawthorn and the wild roses are over now, but the meadowsweet is still blooming and it is so fragrant - just the essence of summer, for me.

The herring gulls come upriver in the morning, big noisy things that they are, but I wouldn't be without them. If you can't manage to live by the sea, then the sound of gulls does very well instead. And there are all the garden birds around, of course. I've been watching various broods of baby birds being encouraged to fly across to our bird feeder for themselves and get their own breakfast for a change - I've been watching the kestrel hunting along the banks of the river - every time I see it I am reminded of its old name, the windhover, such a perfect word - I've been watching the goldfinches, such beautiful little birds....

And I've been knitting, and thinking that it really is high time I got something finished.

The bamboo cable top is coming along nicely, even though my husband says that it looks like I'm knitting a gigantic pair of knickers at the moment.

Ahem. I can see what he means.

From the front though, it does look rather more like an actual garment.

I've now worked the number of cable turns given in the pattern, but I want a bit of extra length on this - my gauge is slightly finer than the pattern, (Bamboo Tape is 19/27 instead of 18/24) and I certainly don't want it to come up short. So, an extra cable turn, maybe even two. I quite like the idea of a longline version, but either way I will be trying this on soon, when I can be bothered to either find another circ or else put the stitches onto some spare yarn.

I think that when I get there, I will probably omit the ribbing at the hemline and substitute a couple of purl ridges - but that's not decided yet.

Shawl That Jazz is still on the needles. This has been excellent fun to knit - I can really recommend this pattern if you like garter stitch. The short rows are ridiculously entertaining, and, as is their nature, get shorter and shorter - so the knitting goes faster and faster, which is always good. However it is very difficult to photograph - and it's also very difficult to get any feel for how big this thing is actually going to be when it's off the needles.

Currently I am working the edging - the version with extra fullness - so I have something in excess of 600 stitches on the needle and things aren't going so fast at all. I don't think that I will be using all my yarn, not by a long way. Currently I am working on ball number 6 from my stash of 10. Maybe I'll have enough left for another Baktus.

This really is mindless knitting, and the beautiful yarn is a true pleasure to work with. Lorna's Laces Swirl DK, as I think I already said, in 18 Watercolor. This is 85% wool, 15% silk - I'm using 4.5mm needles, and working loose and easy, getting the gauge given in the pattern.

Finally, the travel socks.

I did pick these up the other day, because I had managed to leave all the rest of my knitting elsewhere in the house, and negotiating the stairs is still quite a big deal, so they are not totally untouched.

I do like the colours, but I'm not wildly keen on the yarn, it is just a bit splitty and I have to keep an eye on what I'm doing.

After this - when Shawl That Jazz is finished, I shall cast on for the Fraggle Squiggle Socks from the last Blue Moon Sock Club shipment. The next sock kit will be here soon, so I ought to get a move on with this one.

And when the Mondo Cable Shell is off the needles - what comes next is debatable.

At the moment I am completely in love with Anhinga, but I'm still waiting for my pattern booklet to arrive, and also I cannot decide what yarn to use. If it doesn't turn out too heavy, and thus stretch out too much in wear, this would be just amazing in Bamboo Tape. Mandy has this exact thing on the needles at the moment, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how her version works out. But maybe I will wait until the winter yarns come out. I am sure this would be lovely in one of Rowan's new yarns - either Felted Tweed Aran, or Lima.

So because of this indecision I think that Flow may be next, using Bamboo Tape again - but only if my pattern booklet arrives from Loop in time. Otherwise it will be Helen Hamann's Trapeze Tank, in Elann Baby Cashmere.

More short rows - what fun.


Helen said...

I hope that all that sleeping means there's a lot of mending going on.

I've found that the Norah Gaughan books I've ordered from Loop have arrived very quickly - I ordered a couple more in the sale: they're still not cheap, but they're never going to be any cheaper. I am completely at a loss about what to knit Anhinga with and am torn between avoiding it on Ravelry and obsessively checking it out.

Linda said...

Your knitting looks lovely, I am glad you are resting well.