Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday evening

Here, just for the record, is the last of the black Trapeze Tank.

It is not going to work out, and I'm going to frog it. In fact at this point it is actually in mid-frog, just before the beginning of the short row sections that expand the sides downwards and add some points - I've already pulled back that bit.

Let me say first of all, this is a really excellent pattern. If you look at the project gallery on Ravelry, you'll see that everyone who has finished it was pleased with the result, without exception - and that's not usual. This is a good pattern.

The shape is just beautiful, incredibly flattering to wear - I know it looks like nothing, laid out like that, but even so - and the size is fine too, in fact next time round I think that I could get away with the smallest size as I don't have wide shoulders. Also it is bra-friendly in a completely effortless way. The neckline works, the armholes are just right, the length, the drapy shape - all those things are excellent.

But! - the yarn! - wool/alpaca/cashmere 4ply held double - is just too warm. Very beautiful - so soft, so drapy - but I know that I won't wear the finished garment in this fabric. I think that what this needs is a cone - maybe two - of cotton, from somewhere like Yeoman, perhaps - and then I will have a garment that really works for me.

So now I am debating what to do with this yarn - Elann's Baby Cashmere. It is lovely to work with, and I have at least 2000 metres of it so there are lots of options. First of all though, I'm going to have to do some sorting out - I ought to have wound up the two skeins separately, instead of together. (Note to self, make sure brain is working next time.) And also, I have used felted joins throughout, so there aren't any ends - this means that I will end up with two massive balls of yarn. Oh well.....

After that - well, I am thinking about Glad. This is a Sarah Hatton pattern, written for Kidsilk Haze. But I think it could work out nicely in a fingering weight yarn - like this one - even though it might sound a bit unlikely to use a yarn like this at 22 sts to 4". This works well for Kidsilk Haze although it is even finer, because of the halo from the mohair content.

However I have been thinking about garments where this particular combination has worked well - specifically, Tempest. Here a fingering weight yarn is worked up at an even looser tension (20 sts to 4") - and if you look through the project gallery on Ravelry, my goodness it works well. Lots and lots of happy people.

So I think that this could work, and I will try it, but that won't be immediately. Apart from anything else, I need to rewind all that yarn. And then I need to swatch. The possible problem here is that the recommended yarn for Tempest is all wool, with lots of bounce and stretch - and this stuff doesn't have bounce. Drape, yes - bounce, no. So I shall have to swatch, and think about the resulting fabric.

Right now I am ticking along with Shawl That Jazz. The border is actually showing signs of getting wider despite there being 600+ stitches on the needle, and I am enjoying working on it - but really there is no point at all trying to photograph it. Please imagine a multi-coloured blob that is slightly larger than last time.

I am not sure what will be next onto the needles - I think that a bit of instant gratification might be called for. When the shawl is off the needles, I shall cast on for the Fraggle socks, and then the new ones after that - In Season.

But I still want a black summer top, and I'm still feeling indecisive about which size of Flow to make, let alone Anhinga. So I'm ducking the issue completely, and thinking of Sally Melville's With-A-Twist Turtleneck - the sleeveless version, which would certainly work up fast. I've got a pack of Cotton Rope that's been on the shelf for ages, and that ought to work up nicely as a substitute for GGH Goa.

And yes, it's black again.

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Helen said...

I've been looking at tanks lately, for some Wedgwood Bamboo Tape, and I'm worried that Flow would look baggy rather than flarey, so I've been considering Sassy and the Frock Camisole instead, but the Trapeze Tank is good too. I think I should hire someone to make decisions for me.

Glad is nice too...