Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Things are pottering along quite nicely at the moment. Knitting is continuing, specifically Filey - although that really is going slowly because Summer Tweed is hard on my hands and wrists. I forgive it, though, because of the lovely colour and texture of the fabric.

Here's the current state of progress.

Reverse stocking stitch, relieved only by the ribbed edgings and centre panel. Eventually it will look like this.....

Except my version is pale olive green, of course. I have the shaped fronts still to look forward to.

Other than that there has been remarkably little going on. I still haven't cast on for the second Rogue Roses sock - indeed I still haven't finished off the ends on the first one. But it is a charming pattern.

Here is the first one just before I grafted the toe - which I had altered. The pattern is written for a wedge toe with decreases first every other round, then every round, and finally something like 10 sts from the top grafted to 10 from the sole. I know of old that just doesn't fit my foot, I much prefer a graduated wedge with a more pointy toe grafted 4 on 4 side to side, and that's what I've done here. It works very well with the pattern actually.

Last week, once things were stable, my husband put his foot down and said that enough was enough and I had to take a break. So we took the boat out for just a couple of days. He was right, of course, it really did help. It's hard to hold on to tension when you've got things like this outside your window -

- let alone this.

Yes, that boat is called Titanic. It is very very small, needless to say.

The section of the Kennet & Avon between the Avoncliff Aqueduct and the Dundas Aqueduct is the most beautiful along the whole waterway, I think. Such peace....

It was only a short break, but very restful. I slept a lot - I seem to have accumulated a sleep debt that is going to take a while to deal with, and I'm still not caught up.

My big op is getting closer and closer - it's less than four weeks away now - and I really do need to be as fit and well as I can manage, when it happens. But I've got time for that yet.

I know I've been a bit mysterious about exactly what the op is about. Over the years I've had a lot of gynae work done, because unfortunately things kept going wrong and needing to be put right. With the last op, something like ten years ago now, I had thought - well, actually I'd been told - that it was all sorted out and done with, and there could be no more problems. Except that over recent months it has all gone horribly wrong, worse than it has ever been before, and then some.

My consultant said initially that he couldn't do anything to help, that any further surgery would only make things worse, and that I needed to start coming to terms with that. Not a good thought, to tell the truth.

However, he also said that he'd like to get another opinion from an Australian surgeon who was visiting the UK. I agreed, of course. And this surgeon says that he can help me. He's in Europe this month, and he will fly over to the UK to do the surgery together with my consultant. This particular op hasn't been done in the UK before, and it has been impressed upon me that it is a big deal, and that I need to be extremely careful to rest properly afterwards - and afterwards I must never again lift anything heavier than 10kg. I can live with that. I'm just so grateful that things can be put right.

In the mean time, I continue to knit, and plan more knitting. Always pleasant.


Helen said...

That all sounds scary, but reassuring at the same time. You will have lots of fingers crossed for you.

Lin said...

I do hope that the op is it and you are fixed. I too will cross everything for you. x
That sock is so pretty. And the boat, perfect!

Gabriela said...

Fiona, you are so strong, it must be such a terribly worrying time. Good luck with the op and the recovery and I hope you are not in pain. Gabriela

Enid said...

Hello Fiona, we are strangers, but I am sending good thoughts to you for the op.hope it works out fine for you.
lovely pics of the canal, could just imagine how restful it was to be on the water

take care