Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wednesday evening

I've finished the two pairs of socks.

Here is Rogue Roses, pattern by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. This is the second pattern from the Blue Moon Sock Club this year. The yarn is Socks That Rock mediumweight, and I used 2.5mm needles as the pattern suggests. Medium size, by the way.

A charming pattern, and very entertaining to knit. The only thing I changed was the toe shaping - I prefer a more pointy toe, so I used my usual graduated wedge toe here - it fits with the pattern extremely well.

The colour here is called Gertrude Skein, which still amuses me. The only thing that saves it from sugary sweetness with all those peachy pinks is the green. The green is acid and sappy, just the sort of green that I like. Colour representation on my screen here isn't so good, but you get my drift. It is not a pastel green, it is a green with a bit of life to it.

Nice socks, very wearable - size medium is just very fractionally large for me in this pattern, but not enough to matter.

And here are the Opal Handpaints socks for my husband, which really aren't quite so radioactively bright as they appear in this somewhat blurry picture.

My usual pattern here, with a couple of minor modifications - I've changed the heel turn slightly, and the result is definitely neater. Also, I am now picking up along the heel flap with both loops of the slip stitch - I've decided that I prefer the way it looks, after all this time.

One thing that merits pointing out - I did experiment in these socks with SYTK instead of SSK, and I am here to tell you that SYTK works just beautifully. One to bear in mind for future use, definitely. If you haven't tried it yet, please do - I think you'll be impressed.

I do have a slight variation on this, which I personally find a bit easier to work - I can never leave things alone, it appears. Anyway I prefer my way, it is only very slightly different from the method to which I've linked, and I expect that I'll do a 'how to' at some point. However, that won't be just yet.

And on that rather inconclusive note, I am going to pause in my blogging for a while. Tomorrow I am off to the hospital in the afternoon, and I will admit that I am looking forward to the rest. As soon as they give me a bed, I can promise you that I will just lie down and go to sleep - I really am tired out.

With regard to knitting, a simple sock project is all that I am taking in with me. I have some Trekking XXL in shades of deep blues and greens, and this will be another pair of socks for my husband.

When I get home, which should be about a week from now, I've got several projects lined up. Also I can continue with the Mondo Cable top, which is very easy knitting, and Shawl That Jazz, which is not yet on the needles, mainly because I am currently undecided about needle size there - I keep seeing finished STJ's where people have used needles smaller than 5mm and wished they'd stayed with what the pattern suggests.

I still think I shall go with 4.5mm.

Or 5mm.

Definitely one or the other......

Anyway, back in a bit.


Joan said...

Hoping everything goes well, and that you'll be back up to par real soon. Sleep tight!

Heather said...

Hope all goes well, and you get a chance to have a rest too.

Helen said...

I do hope everything goes well, and that you have a comfy bed and good room-mates, if you have them at all. And I hope the food isn't too awful. Get your visitors to bring in nibbles.

At first I didn't think I was going to make Shawl That Jazz, but the more of them I see...

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, hope you're feeling like your pre-sick self in record time.

Linda said...

Wishing you all the best for the hospital, hugs. xxx Love those pretty socks.