Friday, 12 June 2009

Two weeks

I've got exactly two weeks left now - goodness, that sounds unnecessarily final - maybe I should rephrase it. I have just two weeks to wait now. Yes, that sounds better.

Anyway. I find that I have several things that I really do want to get finished. Also, several things that I want to have established on the needles.

So - things I want to get finished....

Filey. This is still coming along slowly. As I've said before, Summer Tweed is not the yarn to use if you want a quick result. Too hard on the hands and wrists. I've now finished the first front and am partway up the second, which is going quicker because it has buttonholes. Landmarks are good for making things go faster - like stripes, I do believe.

The Rogue Roses socks. Currently I'm about three quarters of the way down the leg of the second sock. The problem with these is that I do need the chart, apparently the bit of my brain that memorises such things has given up trying for the time being. So, chart plus post-it notes required, which means it can't be stuffed into my handbag.....

The current travel socks. These do go quickly, when I pick them up. Opal Handpainted yarn is quite fun to knit with in that it really is extremely multicoloured, and also there is no pattern to follow - this one I really do know by heart. Although I have made a small but significant change to the heel turn, which I think I will continue with. Currently on the second sock, working the heel flap.

Things I want established on the needles -

Another travel sock. This will come into hospital with me.

Now, I am under no illusion as to the amount of knitting that I'll be doing post-surgery. (None at all, basically.) Maybe on day four or five I might be able to manage a bit, maybe not. However I will still be taking this with me - my most basic knitting - because I know of old that the waiting around on the day of the surgery can be more than slightly nerve racking. I can't cope with reading at such a time, and I've found before that some simple knitting is just the thing.

Some easy knitting for when I get home. Currently I'm trying to decide between the Jamila Shawl, in New Lanark Silk Tweed DK and Noro Silk Garden Lite (ugh - the word, not the yarn) and Shawl That Jazz, in some Lorna's Laces Swirl DK - and I keep changing my mind.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. The Jamila Shawl is pretty much mindless knitting - garter stitch, stocking stitch, reverse stocking stitch - but rather a lot of stitches on the needle, more than three hundred. Also my background colour is extremely dark grey, pretty much black, and you do need to be in a certain frame of mind to cope with more than 300 stitches on the needle in black yarn.

Shawl That Jazz, on the other hand, is not black. It is in pretty colours. Also, it starts off with around 250 stitches and gets less - all of which are good. However it will require a certain amount of concentration as the whole thing is an exercise in short rows.

On balance, I think that pretty colours win, so it will be Shawl That Jazz. I do need to swatch, though. The pattern is written for Koigu Kersti, at 4spi on 5mm needles. This yarn usually likes to be worked up at 5 or 5.5 spi, using 3.75 or 4mm needles. I've got LL Swirl DK, which works up nicely at 5 spi on 3.75mm needles. I'm going to swatch with 4mm and 4.5mm and see what I think of the fabric.....

And really that's about it. I do want to get on with Cookie, I do want to frog and rework the Key West Pullover. But I think those can wait a bit.


SewIknit2 said...

Good luck with your operation! I'm waiting for my own too, and plan to take some socks with me - how much I'll actually do I don't know! but I was very glad of my sock knitting when 5 equip failures resulted in a lengthy wait of more than 3.5hrs for procedure in January!
I'm always prepared! I find it easier than reading book too!
Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Good choice ... Lorna's Laces Swirl DK is absolutely gorgeous; very soft and comforting so perfect for post-operative recovery. Hope all goes well.
UKHattie x

Linda said...

Lots of plans, I hope the projects all go well.