Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thursday evening

I've progressed a bit with the bamboo cabled top - I somehow can't keep calling it a shell, that word doesn't seem to equate to a summer top in my mind.

But it is only a little bit of progress, because things have been extremely busy. Today I've been at the hospital for a large part of the day. Yes, there was a fair amount of sitting around and waiting, but no chance to knit because there was an immensely long form to fill in. I think I practically wrote the history of my entire life on that form, it was so long.

There was also a large amount of walking around the hospital looking for various different departments, for various different tests. I don't know why hospitals are always so spread out - we did walk a long way. Mind you, if a larger proportion of the time had been spent walking in the right direction then we'd have got finished sooner.

The upshot of it all is that they want me to come in to hospital a day earlier. I don't mind this at all - no stressful drive to the hospital first thing on Friday morning through all the rush hour traffic, instead we'll have a leisurely wander across on Thursday afternoon. Much better.

I wonder if I'll get the cable top finished by then? No, that's definitely pushing it....

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