Sunday, 7 June 2009


So, I've got two-and-a-bit weeks to go until I am immobilised. As I am an inveterate planner, I've been thinking about what I want to do before that point, and during the four weeks when I'm not allowed out of the house once I get home again - and I've decided that I want to deal with some of my hibernating projects, things that have been on the needles far too long.

First, Kimono. I've completely fallen out of love with this, and it is going to be frogged. I hope to use the yarn to make myself a Mondo Cable Shell. Bonne Marie has just revised this pattern completely, and it is now worked top down so I don't have to make my mind up too soon about what length I'd like - and I may well make it wider and more drapy, like Mine.

I shall have to watch the stretchiness of this pattern - there are no seams to add structure, and Bamboo Tape is heavy, so I may need to do something to keep the neckline and armholes from stretching beyond the realms of wearableness (= decency). Single crochet around the inside should work nicely.

Next, Dauphine. This also needs to be frogged, but for a different reason - I am going to rework it in a smaller size. So pretty, these colours - not my usual choice at all, but I was very much enjoying working with them last summer and I hope I'll soon be enjoying wearing them.

Now, Cookie. Basically I just need to get on with it. The only issue concerns the buttons - the pattern is written with a double breasted shape, and just two buttons which I fear may be rather unfortunately placed for me. The project gallery on Rav shows no finished garments - I know, there is one shown in addition to my unfinished version, but it is definitely the wrong pattern - so I've got nothing to go on here but instinct, or perhaps common sense.

So, to avoid the comedy/embarrassment factor (?!) it shall be buttonless. I have a kilt pin, and I shall use it!

Last but not least, my lovely lovely Key West Pullover. This was, not to put too fine a point on it, driving me nuts. I was working it with my Denise Interchangeables and 12mm points if memory serves me - and moving the stitches (stretchy tape yarn here, remember) back onto these rather large working points from the cable was becoming very tedious indeed. So I lost interest, rather.

I now have some Harmony straights which include a 12mm set - so I will be using these instead. Also, I think I may want to make a different size - larger, for more drape.... Anyway, to be frogged and reworked.

So that's three things to be frogged, and one to get on with. Plus Filey, of course. I've finished the back now, and I'm working on the Right Front.

Other than that, I have Mulgrave, Sandsend, and Avignon waiting in the wings. Plus the Jamila Shawl and also Shawl That Jazz, if I feel that garter stitch is all I can cope with.

Oh, and there are some socks around too.....

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Linda said...

The frogging sounds like a good idea and knitting the top down cable shell a great idea! I love top down knits.