Monday, 15 June 2009

Monday evening

Eleven days left - actually it is only ten if you don't count today, which is pretty much finished after all. Excellent.

I've finally finished knitting Filey, which has taken an incredibly long time considering it is only a waistcoat, albeit one for my husband. I started it on May 16th - yes, far too long. Now I need to block the pieces (= attack them with the steam iron) and do all the finishing. I know of old that this always takes longer than I think it should, so it is tempting fate to say that I'll have it done tomorrow, but you never know. Probably Wednesday is more realistic.

Swatching for Shawl That Jazz - I've discovered that I don't like the fabric with Lorna's Laces Swirl DK at the tension in the pattern, it is much too loose and loopy at 4spi. So I'm going down a needle size to 4.5mm, this produces a much better fabric. If I'm going to use this gorgeous yarn at all, I want it to produce a good result. So, 4.5mm needles. After all, I'm still going up two needle sizes from the 3.75mm recommended for the yarn.

The shawl will turn out smaller, of course, if I work at a closer tension, so I shall work a wider border. I should have plenty of yarn, at least.

Rogue Roses hasn't been touched at all, nor has the travel sock. Must get them done....

I have, however, liberated my long 2.5mm Addi Lace circ from the Druid mitten that has been lurking half finished for ages - I want to make myself some Firestarters, or possibly some 'brainless' socks at some not too far distant point in time, and magic loop looks like a good way to go.

Kimono is now frogged, and I've got my two different dyelots sorted out - that was interesting, I can tell you. Currently I am being very indecisive about which size to cast on for the Mondo Cable Shell. My tension with Bamboo Tape is 19 sts to 4" instead of the 18 sts for which the pattern is written, so I need to take that into account - I just need to have the courage of my convictions with regard to negative ease, and I'm not feeling very convinced about any of it just now. Should be nice to wear, though, when I get it finished. But I'm not starting it until Filey is all done.

Early night tonight, I believe. I've been completely deaf on one side for the last couple of days (ear infection, for some unknown reason) and I can't believe how disorientating this has been. Hopefully things will be getting back to normal tomorrow.

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