Thursday, 14 May 2009


The last week has flown past. I haven't been knitting very much, because once again - very tediously - I haven't been very well. However the NHS has come up with some nice strong antibiotics and some nice strong pain pills, and I'm beginning to feel human again.

I am counting the days until my surgery. (43) I am the world's biggest coward when it comes to anything like this - anaesthetics scare me silly - but really I am so fed up with all these various unpleasantnesses (sp?) that I just want it sorted, thankyou very much. Yesterday, if possible. Which it isn't, of course, but 43 days is not really so long to wait.

So. Knitting. My grey Navigator is nearly completed. I am working on the finishing at the moment, I have to finish setting in the second sleeve and then work the second side and sleeve seam - then it will be done. I may change the neckline, it seems as if it may be a little higher than I had in mind, but I need to block the whole thing properly and then try it on. No decisions until then, it may turn out to be just right.

The travel sock in Opal Handpaints (which still hasn't been photographed, I realise) is now past the heel turn of the first sock. It is a very bright fabric and my husband approves. He does like bright colours - and I like my neutrals most of the time, which I suppose is a good thing otherwise we could be somewhat blinding in combination.....

The Rainbow Baktus in Noro Kureyon sock yarn is also progressing slowly. Again, I must post a photo. It is rather pretty.

Once I finish the Grey Navigator, I shall start Filey for my husband. And I have been thinking about picking up Cookie again - it has been languishing in my other knitting bag since last summer.

Slug news - the nematodes seem to have done their work quite incredibly well. I can recommend them. Our garden is now a slug-free zone, which is excellent - we literally cannot find a single slug.

The tomatoes and peppers are still being hardened off outside at the moment (currently it is raining, so I don't need to water them, hooray) and so far have not been munched by anything at all, including Lucy.

I shall be destashing yet more silk when I can get round to taking some photos - I have enough Hipknits Aran Silk for a Clapotis in each of two different colours, four skeins of classic biscuit colour, and four skeins of variegated soft blues and greens that was called Rockpool. And I've still got two lots of silk laceweight left, Ivory and Wildflowers. Make me an offer...?


Kate said...

Hope the pills work their magic and you feel better soon. :-)

Very tempted by the ivory silk. I'll think about it overnight and if it hasn't gone, then maybe it's meant to be...

Helen said...

I'd love the Wildflowers silk. I've left you a comment on Ravelry :)

Helen said...
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PaulaRed said...

Fiona, whatever it is, I hope you get well soon! Enjoy your boat and summer knitting.