Sunday, 17 May 2009


Yesterday I cast on for Filey - an Erika Knight pattern from Rowan 45.

It is a while since I've worked with Rowan Summer Tweed, but I well remember how hard it is on the hands. This is slow going, but at least I can alternate with my Noro Baktus, which is easy knitting indeed.

This colour is 507 Rush, a soft pale green. I believe that I've got the equivalent of 10 skeins, salvaged from several years ago when I made myself Anemone from Rowan 31, and didn't like it at all. There is no way in the world that I can remember how much I bought originally, but I weighed my bag of assorted small balls of yarn, and that's how I arrived at 10 skeins.

I do seem to be going through it awfully fast, though. I ought to weigh the remaining yarn when I get to the armhole shaping, hopefully that will provide some reassurance.

My row gauge is off again - or at least it was at the beginning. I believe that it is settling down now. I read something about this recently - I believe it was from Sally Melville in her recent book Mother and Daughter Knits. That's an extremely good book, by the way. Anyway, Sally was commenting on the way that gauge swatches tell terrible fibs, and mentioned that gauge will usually be off for about the first 20 rows and then will settle down. This is certainly borne out by my recent knitting.

I finally got around to taking pictures of the aran silk that I'm destashing.

I've got 750 grams of this pale apricot stuff, which ought to be something like 1350 metres. I believe the colour was originally called Biscuit, but I don't think it looks very biscuit-like at all. Anyway, £15 plus postage.

And I've got 4 skeins of this pretty stuff, total weight 385 grams. The colourway was called Rockpool. Again, £15 plus postage.

Finally, I still have two skeins of ivory silk laceweight, total weight 320 grams. £10 plus postage.

My destash page is here. If you're interested in any of it, please either email me (address top right on this page) or message me through Ravelry.

And now I think I shall take Lucy for a bit of a walk, as the rain seems to have stopped. It was so stormy yesterday that I took pity on the pepper and tomato plants and brought them indoors, they were looking distinctly weatherbeaten. Today they are back outside again - and so shall I be in a minute.....

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