Sunday, 3 May 2009


Here is sweater number six this year.

This is the Lacy Raglan Top from Rowan's All Seasons at the Mill. The yarn is All Seasons Cotton in 234 Cement, a cool grey. I made size M, to fit bust 36 - 38 (yes! negative ease!) and I needed 7 balls of yarn. The pattern says 6 for this size.

No modifications at all. I had some problems with my gauge to start with, but this settled down and it ended up spot on, which was a great relief.

This is the second time I've knitted this pattern. My first Lacy Raglan was size L, and although I can still wear it, there is excess fabric at the sides of the body. So, very daringly, I made size M this time and it works really well.

This is one of those little tops that looks like nothing on the hanger, but is really flattering to wear. It isn't an item that goes well with jeans, but it looks excellent with a skirt or my Japanese trousers.

Once again, I am very pleased with the raglan detail. This does need care in the finishing, but I very much like the result. Will I make it again? No specific plans, but it isn't impossible at all. This is an excellent pattern.

Yesterday I cast on for sweater number 7, which was to be Ravenscar. And frogged. (Sorry, Saffron!) I kept coming back to the gallery of finished Ravenscars on Ravelry, and I kept seeing garments which although nicely made, just didn't seem to quite do justice to their wearers. All fine and good, just not especially flattering. There was one that worked outstandingly well, but looking at the project details revealed that there had been a lot of modifications.

So I thought, and I knitted, and I thought some more, and then I frogged.

This morning I cast on for Honey. This is from Kim Hargreave's book Nectar. I was loving the cables, and the texture - very entertaining knitting. But, but, but....... I wasn't sure. Would I ever wear it? Because if it doesn't work, if it won't get worn, then it isn't something I want to spend my time making. Process is all very well, but the success of the product is paramount for me.

My husband had no doubts at all. He was positive that it wouldn't suit me, and I do value his opinion.

I looked through the Ravelry gallery again with a critical eye. Lots of beautifully made garments, but very few that flattered the wearer. Again, there was one that was absolutely gorgeous. But I am not size XS. I am rather larger than that, and with substantially more curves. And looking at the picture on Kim's website, it seemed to me that the back looked, well, just a bit bulky - the combination of aran weight yarn and heavy cables in a fitted jacket...... Realistically, something like this would work better for me in a lighter weight yarn. So, reluctantly, I frogged yet again.

I have cast on now for a third time. I am making an old Kim Hargreaves design from Rowan 29, Navigator. This pattern comes in multiple sizes - there is a children's version, a women's version, and a men's version. I am making the women's size M, and I might add an inch or so to the length, so that I can wear it comfortably with jeans.

If I am being truthful, I am much more likely to wear this sweater than either Ravenscar or Honey - simple lines with minimal fuss, very much my style.

But I do regret those lovely cables, I was enjoying that.

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Lin said...

What a nice little top that is, as you say perfect with jeans. Shame about the cables but I am sure you can find more to knit!