Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A good weekend

It has been a long weekend here in the UK. Monday was a Bank Holiday, ostensibly for May Day. The weather has been very spring-like, with the cuckoo shouting his head off, as he does in May, and really it's been lovely.

I have potted on the tomatoes and peppers that I am trying to grow this year, so far they seem to be doing quite well. I am no gardener, but I must admit I have quite enjoyed growing these from seed. However it remains to be seen whether we'll actually end up with any tomatoes or peppers to eat. At the moment it still seems rather unbelievable, but if it works out at all, then I think this may become something I will keep doing. In fact I've already started thinking about the possibility of courgettes for next year.

The nematodes turned up on Friday and I watered them in on Sunday afternoon. They arrive in a little vacuum pack which has to stay in the fridge until you use them, they just look like a fine moist beige dust. Apparently it takes one week after application for the garden to be protected from slugs, so we'll see. The tomatoes may be ready to be planted outside in another ten days or two weeks, so the timing is good.

I've been pottering along with Navigator, and I'm past the armhole shaping on the back now.

That's it on the right.

Although mine isn't actually going to look like that at all, firstly it is in a solid colour as you can see, and secondly I am going to change the neckline because that version looks rather too wide for me. If you look at the page for this pattern on Ravelry you can see how the neckline looks on the men's version, and I'm going to work a modified version of this. I've worked an extra inch on the length, as well.

I've been thinking about what's coming next, and I think that Thrift (from Rowan 27) is probably going to happen quite soon. Trek from Rowan 17 is also a likelihood - I bought some Rowan California Cotton for this at the time, and I'd like to work with this. No Rav links for either of those patterns yet, I'll add the patterns to Ravelry soon. So, that's two more cotton pullovers, one with some colourwork and one with texture.

Now, wool. Sally Melville's Grey Cardigan is another thing that I'd love to have on the needles soon - cables, you see, I definitely feel the need for some cables! - as is her Mother of the Bride Cardigan - which should be rather spectacular, with all that lace. So, another two interesting projects.

I've decided that the Rowan Tapestry originally intended for Sorrel would get much more wear as Rye - this is a nice semi-fitted cardigan in fisherman's rib by Marie Wallin. Tapestry really is not next-to-the-skin soft, at least not for me. Anyway, an outerwear cardigan will work. And the Coup d'Etat Cardigan is calling me as well, I'm sure there is something in the stash that will do nicely for that.

Plus I want to make Filey for my husband, and Mulgrave for myself.

I could possibly be a bit overcommitted here......

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