Friday, 1 May 2009

Friday morning

We've been off on the boat, and very nice it was too. Herons, swans, baby ducks. The may just coming into blossom, periwinkles, campion and celandines along the towpath.... positively idyllic. And the sun shone too, although the wind was cold.

I did get some knitting done. In fact I've finished all the pieces of the Lacy Raglan. Now I need to seam the raglans and work the neckline, which always takes longer than seems reasonable, when you think of the amount of actual knitting involved. But I do like to get a good finish, it makes all the difference. Oh, and I needed an extra ball of yarn. The pattern says 6 for size M, fortunately I did have 7 available. Don't know what it is with me and All Seasons Cotton, this has happened before.....

So, I'll get that done today, and hopefully some pictures fairly soon.

After that I plan to cast on for Ravenscar. Saffron finished one of these recently and wasn't entirely happy with it, but I am still going ahead with mine. (Saffron takes beautiful pictures, by the way - unlike me!)

Anyway, I shall be going carefully with this one, and thanks to Saffron I shall be paying particular attention to the length and to the buttonhole placement.

After that, I plan to cast on for Georgie. I've had this queued since I first saw Breeze, and seeing Saffron's version in progress has inspired me to actually get on with it. Or perhaps I should say , think about getting on with it ......

Lacy Raglan first though. More in due course.

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mooncalf said...

I totally think you should knit Ravenscar. I still think it is a lovely design even if I'm not delighted with my project. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!