Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday evening

Well, I was going to post a nice picture of the back of my Lacy Raglan Top, all finished. Or at the very least, up to the armhole shaping, because that's where it was this morning. However there isn't a lot of point in posting a picture now, because it looks exactly the same as yesterday.

Yes, there has been frogging. Just after breakfast I reached the armhole shaping, or where it ought to have been, and paused to measure. And it is a good thing that I did, because it was longer than I was expecting. Reason - my row gauge seems to have gone back to what it ought to have been in the first place.

This is a good thing, it means I don't need to add in extra rows here and there to end up with a garment the right length. Except that I'd already added some in before the waist shaping, to keep the balance. Hence the frogging. I decided that I'd rather reknit the back than start messing around with undoing the cast-on and sorting it out that way. So, not a lot of net progress over the last 24 hours.

The travel sock has made some progress, though. We went down to Beaulieu for the Boat Jumble today. We were after assorted small, hard-to-find bits and pieces and we didn't have a lot of luck, but we did have a nice day out. The New Forest is always a beautiful place. And yes, lots of ponies.

With regard to the slugs, thankyou all for the advice, it is much appreciated. I think we need all the help we can get, because our back garden seems to be a favourite holiday destination for slugs. Torremolinos for slugs. Or maybe Butlins. There are hordes of them, literally dozens and dozens of the beasts. They are all over the place. In retrospect, we must have been mad thinking we could possibly grow tomatoes. Last year we tried to grow sunflowers and fast though they grew, the slugs ate them faster.

Beer, yes, we know about beer, and I've heard that it works very well. I think that we'd need rather a lot of it though, on an on-going basis, and Lucy does tend to think that anything at floor level that is even vaguely edible or potable is naturally intended for her consumption, and we'd have a somewhat tiddly dog in no time flat. So maybe that's not the route for us.

No, we are going all biological high tech and trying nematodes. I remember Jean writing about these little beasties, and they sound like just what we need. So we're sending off for some, and hopefully they'll be with us in about a week. If they get rid of the huge nasty slimy horrors that currently haunt our garden, we'll be very pleased indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Slugs are a constant problem for us in our garden as well....something that we've used with great success is crushed egg shells and coffee grinds.