Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sunday again

So. The beaded socks are finished.

I didn't think that the beads would necessarily appreciate the steam iron, so I sprayed them with water and left them to dry on the sock blockers. They are very, very pretty!

For the record - the pattern is Queen of Beads, and it was written by Sivia Harding. This is the first pattern from the Blue Moon Sock Club this year. The yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight, in My Blue Heaven, which is absolutely gorgeous. I like it even better than Bella Coola. 2.25mm needles, size M, and they fit my UK size 6 feet very nicely indeed.

Tubular cast-on at the top, there - it does make a nice round edge, but I remain unconvinced that it is preferable to my usual long-tail method. Just a tad too stretchy, I can't help thinking. Looks good, though.

A very entertaining knit, I enjoyed making these.

Foxtail is making slow progress. The top bit is all done, and I have cast on for the lower section and worked about an inch so far. Long rows of stocking stitch, now. I still can't get any speed up with this yarn because of the tendency for it to split. Never mind, I'll get there.

After that - I had planned to start Colbert (not the cardigan, the pullover version) but I don't think I can face another garment in Tapestry just yet. So that will have to wait.

It is definitely spring now, and everything seems to be growing, apart from my knitting.

The reason that blogging - and knitting - has been a bit scarce recently is that I've been a bit under the weather, so to speak. I'm feeling rather better now, though, and plan to get myself as fit and healthy as possible over the coming weeks. There is some surgery planned for June which ought to sort everything out, and I really do want to be as healthy as I can by then. We may even go veggie for a while, still undecided on that.

Afterwards, I've been told that I will have to take things extremely quietly for at least four weeks. I won't be allowed to drive, and I'm not even allowed to be a passenger in a car during that time, because of the risk of an emergency stop. No bending, no stretching, no lifting anything at all. No going out for walks, no cooking, no housework.

I can see that this means I will have lots of time for knitting, although it is distinctly possible that I will have a severe case of cabin fever by the time the four weeks is up. Anyway, I need to have four weeks worth of knitting all set up and ready to go, and sorting that out is no hardship at all!

Ravenscar, I think. And another Lacy Raglan, in M this time, not L. That is such a useful top! Then, I'm thinking Mulgrave, from Rowan 45. No Rav link there yet..... Rowan Cotton Glace in two colours, anyway. Also high in the ranks of possibilities are the Golden Vintage, in black - and Sally Melville's lovely Gray Cardigan. I haven't forgotten Avignon, either.

I am also planning Shawl That Jazz. I've got some Lorna's Laces Swirl DK that would do very nicely indeed. And garter stitch is always good.

You will notice that it is neither grey nor beige. See, I can do it if I try!

Oh, I do love making lists, even if I never stick to them.


Anonymous said...

Oh those socks are beautiful!!!

StitchMinx said...

Wow, Fiona these look really nice. The bead sits and looks good on that lovely yarn!

Lin said...

The socks are beautiful and the colour lovely. I think that you need to treat yourself to some interesting, lovely new yarns and patterns for your 4 weeks recovery. I hope you get better soon and it goes well. x