Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday evening

I'm still working on Foxtail - well, sort of. To be honest, I've got sidetracked.

This is the beginning of my first version of the Baktus scarf. I say first, because I'm sure there will be more. This pattern is addictive, and in this case the yarn is certainly adding to that.

I have here a single skein of 100% cashmere sock yarn, from the original Hipknits. The colour was called Autumn, so this is Autumn Cashmere Baktus, and very nice it is too, even though I say it myself.

I'm using a 3mm needle here. I did try 3.5mm first, and although I'd undoubtedly have got a longer and stretchier scarf out of my single skein, I wasn't happy with the fabric. 3mm strikes a nice balance, I think.

Addictive knitting, this. I'm not so far from the centre point now, and then I won't have to keep on weighing my yarn and will be able to just knit....

Foxtail hasn't stalled entirely, although I don't think I'll be picking it up again until this Baktus is finished.

Long rows here, and I've caught another split stitch as well, that's two so far. No problem sorting these out, of course, it's just a case of laddering down, picking up the strands, and laddering back up again - so I don't know why I'm bothered.

I like the narrow stripes. I've got about another thirty rows to go, and then I can cast off and start the finishing. After that, I might well start another small project before casting on for sweater number six this year, which will be another Lacy Raglan. (By the way, I am sure the only reason that top is not more popular is the fact that it looks like nothing at all until you wear it. I've had more compliments from my version than from anything else I've knitted.)

Anyway, twelve sweaters in a year is all very well, but I don't want to knit sweaters exclusively. I'm pretty sure that next onto the needles will be either Leafling or Rogue Roses - I've got the yarn already wound up for both, so I'll just see what I feel like when I get there.

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Lin said...

I love the Baktus scarf, can't wait to knit it myself!