Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I finished the Serendipity Socks.

These were the first socks from the Blue Moon Sock Club 2008. The pattern is by Adrienne Fong, and the yarn is Blue Moon's Socks That Rock lightweight - and the colour is called Dragon Dance.

These were a fun knit, even though I would never have picked either the colour or the pattern myself. Lace is addictive, especially when you are working with such a nice yarn. The heel is interesting - wrap-and-turn, but the wraps are not picked up. You end up with a line of eyelets. The fit is not bad at all - the heel is a bit pointy, perhaps, but I have no problem getting these on, as is often the case with short row heels, and they are comfortable to wear.

I spent yesterday evening threading beads, because I have now moved on to another Blue Moon Sock Club pattern - the first one of 2009. Here is the beginning of Queen of Beads.

These are even more addictive than lace, definitely. Sivia Harding does write interesting patterns! These socks start with a tubular cast on using waste yarn, and move through 1x1 rib with a beading detail over the last few rows, into a stocking stitch background accented with little beaded garter stitch panels interspersed with travelling stitch sections.

Lovely! The yarn is Socks That Rock lightweight again, and the colour is even more amazing that it looks here - my camera has problems with shades of blue, and I am no photographer. Those beads aren't green, for instance. They are shades of peacock, and they look wonderful on the multiplicity of different blues that makes up this colourway.

The colour is called My Blue Heaven. Just perfect.

I still haven't cast on for Foxtail.


Heather said...

The finished socks looks great. I like the combination of yarn and pattern. I particularly love the beaded socks, I am looking forward to seeing them as they progress.

cathy said...

I'm glad you mentioned that short-row heels can be hard to get on. So it isn't just me!

Lin said...

The sock looks lovely.