Tuesday, 17 March 2009


There certainly has been plenty of frogging around here lately.

Rugged is coming on as fast as I can manage it - these needles are hard on my hands and wrists. But I'm on the home straight now.

The first sleeve has been frogged and reknitted - the second sleeve is now done as well. The back has been frogged all the way down to the beginning of the armhole shaping, and reknitted with an inch and a half of length added to the body. And I've started the front! Last piece!

It does look nice. I love the way the colours change randomly - see that streak of bright green across the needle?

But I'm ready for a change soon, and I'm trying to decide what comes next. So many choices - I think that Foxtail may be next onto the needles. I do want to make something for myself, and I've been wishing for this top for a while now - I want to wear it!

After that - something else for my husband, I think. He was definitely short-changed last year, I hardly knit anything at all for him, and this year I intend to make up for it. I have some Peace Fleece worsted in Hemlock - lovely stuff! - and a straightforward v neck pullover would go down well, I know.

But if the sun keeps shining like this, it will have to be Filey. No picture there yet, I see - but that's a traditionally shaped waistcoat with pointed fronts, and a rib detail at the sides. Summer Tweed..... hard on the hands, again, but the fabric is lovely.

Socks progress - I've finished the first Serendipity Sock, but somehow I haven't yet got round to casting on for the second. Could this be SSS, for the first time?

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