Thursday, 5 March 2009


That would be sweater number three for NaKniSweMoDo.

This is Susie, from Rowan Classic Beach.

This pattern is written for Rowan Natural Silk Aran, I used Rowan Classic Cashmere Tweed instead.

This is size M, and I used 12 balls of the Cashmere Tweed with significant leftovers from the 12th ball, which I only needed for the neck and armhole edgings. The colour is 852 Sisal, and the colour is true in the top two pictures on this page. It's very pretty actually, with little tiny flecks of blue and red and green. Really tiny, I mean.

The ballband for this yarn suggests needle size 6mm, I needed to go down to 5.5mm to get gauge.

The only thing that I changed in this pattern was to keep the back neck stitches on a holder for the edging instead of casting off and then picking up again. The reason I did this - well, I don't know! I had a high fever at the time, is all I can say, and I don't recall actually thinking about it.

Anyway it has worked well as the Cashmere Tweed is very light, but if you are using the Natural Silk Aran then I would recommend casting off as the pattern says - that yarn is heavy, and needs the structure.

Nice result! Soft, light, luscious, very stretchy indeed, and the negative ease works just fine for me. (Sigh of relief there.)

I have cast on for sweater number four already.

This is Rugged, from Rowan 42, and the yarn is Rowan Country in Willow, bought at an absolute bargain price from Kemps.

Yet again, the largest size in the pattern, to fit chest 48", because my husband is a big man. It is not easy knitting as this yarn needs 9mm needles, but at least there aren't many stitches on the needle. That's the result of two whole balls of yarn there - I have 20, which ought to be enough, especially as I do not intend to work the sleeves 24" in length to the raglan shaping, which is what the pattern suggests. More like 20", I believe.

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cathy said...

Susie looks like it will be very chic. And in cashmere! I can imagine how nice that must feel. :)