Sunday, 1 March 2009


Today, in my book at least, is the first day of Spring. It feels very good to have the winter chill of December, January and February out of the way, and to be able to look forward to new leaves on the trees...

I've started on the stash, and my goodness it is slow. I do mean to end up with all of it nicely catalogued on Ravelry - how did we manage before Ravelry? - but it takes ages. I have to take pictures of everything, in theory. I don't know if I am going to manage that bit, but I would like to end up with everything described, at the very least. Name of yarn, dyelots, number of skeins, and so forth.

As I come to things that I don't feel any great wish to keep, I'm adding them to my trade/sell page and putting a price on them. So if you'd like a skein of Margaret Stove's Artisan Lace Weight Merino, with a pattern for 3 lace scarves, any of which can be worked with one skein - or some Hipknits laceweight cashmere - or some Hipknits laceweight silk (gorgeous stuff, all slinky) - or a couple of packs of RYC Silk Cotton in Mink, a lovely soft pale cafe-au-lait colour - just let me know! You'll find them all here.

If they don't get taken, then I'll put them on eBay at some point, but right now that feels like too much hassle.

Susie is coming along, by the way. I've finished the left front and I'm working on the right front now. This design does seem to have teeny little shoulders. The neck and armhole edging should put it back into more normal proportion, hopefully.

And I haven't even picked up the travel sock, or the Earth Stripe Curtain.

The main problem with the stash is that I just wish there was a way to make yarn take up less room. And yes, I've tried those vacuum bags. I used to keep spare duvets and pillows in those, on a shelf at the top of a cupboard. Every so often, usually at a particularly inconvenient time, one of the bags would start to let air in, and gradually the contents of the shelf would expand until the cupboard became uncloseable with huge bags of duvet ballooning outwards in unstoppable fashion. Then I'd have to wrestle the whole unwieldy lot out of the cupboard, usually with a fair degree of difficulty, re-vacuum, and put it all back again - and to be honest it was a bit of a chore.

Actually, maybe I just need more space. And that's not a good thought, because I've already got all those shelves.

The alternative, of course, is to knit more. That, I like.

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mooncalf said...

Trouble with knitting more is that then you have to store the sweaters...