Saturday, 28 March 2009


Still destashing. I've added some CashCotton 4 ply to my Ravelry trade/sell page, and I've reduced prices as well.

What's left is to be found here. Please email me or message me on Ravelry if you're interested in any of it.

Right, actual knitting.

The beaded sock continues to be incredibly gorgeous, and I am absolutely loving the knitting. However I cannot seem to put it down, and so I still haven't cast on for Foxtail. I'll get there, that is definitely going to be next.

I am still thinking that I will stay with NaKniSweMoDo this year - I've finished four so far, and I am not short of ideas for the rest.

That would mean eight for the rest of the year - Filey for my husband, from Rowan 45, and a Peace Fleece V neck pullover for him as well, no pattern needed for that. Plus Ravenscar and Mulgrave for me, also from Rowan 45 - no Rav link for Mulgrave yet, that won't do..... I also want to make Scree, from Rowan 43, and the Ojo de Dios Vest.

And that's six, none of which are on my original list. I seem to remember saying that I ought to stop making lists - with good reason, it seems.

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