Saturday, 7 March 2009


I think that there may soon be a large amount of frogging going on.

Not Rugged - that's going along nicely. I've finished the back and started one of the sleeves, so I'll soon have a good idea if the yarn quantity is right. It is hard on the hands for any length of time with these big needles, but it's a fast knit and it's looking good.

No, I mean my Grandad Top. The problem is that I don't wear it, you see. I wore it to work several times last year, and it was fine for that, and I wore it when I went up to Holmfirth as well, and got plenty of compliments, but recently it just doesn't seem to work for me. I believe that if I had made a smaller size, I'd be happier with it. But I made the largest size, and I have since realised that unless I am making something deliberately oversized and drapy, then I need to make a size that fits across my shoulders, and work with negative ease to deal with my inconvenient bust measurement.

This also means, by the way, that as and when the rest of this weight comes off, my handknits will still fit me. Good thought, that.

Anyway. Right now, each time I pick out this sweater to wear in the morning, I put it on, look in the mirror - and then I take it off again and pick something else instead. It simply isn't getting worn, and that - to me, at least - is not good. I need the finished product of my knitting to be functional and useful - process is important, if I don't enjoy the process then the product will never get completed, but equally the product must fulfil its purpose, or it isn't worth having. And I believe that I have reached that point with this pullover.

So, all that lovely Rowan Wool Cotton. What to do with it all, if I frog?

Coincidentally, I have just got myself a copy of the new Debbie Bliss magazine, the Spring/Summer 09 issue.

In there, along with a lot of other pretty things, is the pattern for perhaps the single prettiest pullover I've ever seen. Debbie calls it, uncompromisingly, Yoke Detail Pullover. On Ravelry, it is called Yoke Detail Sweater. Last year when I was working as a Rowan consultant at John Lewis, this pullover was on display in the yarn department for quite a few weeks, and it really is lovely. Delicate, unusual, and very wearable indeed. So many people commented! - but not so many people bought the yarn, because this pattern is written for Debbie Bliss' Pure Silk yarn, and that is expensive.

However, the pattern gauge is 24 sts and 30 rows to 4" - and Rowan's Wool Cotton has a recommended gauge of 22 - 24 sts and 30 - 32 rows to 4". Given that I do actually prefer the Wool Cotton worked up at the closer gauge, this looks like a match made in heaven!

I just have to nerve myself for the frogging. Not so easy....

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Nevisknitter said...

Just keep thinking of the lovely new jumper you will be knitting soon as you frog, it could be worse, at least its not kidsilk haze you are frogging.