Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Not Tuesday

Timewarp again. I don't know how this keeps happening. It's Wednesday, and my head thinks it's Tuesday for some unknown reason.


Cashmere Susie is very nearly finished. I just have to finish the armhole edgings, seam the sides, deal with all the ends, and choose and attach some buttons. Should be done today. (Famous last words!)

Seriously though, it has worked up very nicely. I love the textured fabric in this Cashmere Tweed - in fact I love this yarn, full stop. If you want to knit something special, then this is the stuff to go for.

The construction of the yarn - chained - means that the yardage is really excellent. Just 25 grams gives you 55 metres - 60 yards for those who still think in 'old money', which includes me a lot of the time. So that's 220 metres to 100 grams.

For comparison, something like Rowan's PureWool Aran, for instance, gives you 169 metres to 100 grams. So you get 30% more yardage (metreage?) with the Cashmere Tweed.

Yes, it's pricy - but you do get plenty for your money.

This pattern was written for Rowan's Natural Silk Aran, and to make this size it would need 11 x 50 gram balls - 715 metres. I've actually used rather less yardage of the Cashmere Tweed, just 12 balls (660 metres) and I've only needed to break into the 12th ball for the edgings. So it's very nearly like for like, in terms of number of skeins - except that the Cashmere is put up in 25 gram skeins, not 50 grams. Not bad at all.

I do want to get started on Rugged today, and I might even manage it.

Edited to add - with regard to my stash turnout, the Silk Cotton has gone to a new home and so has the Hipknits Silk Laceweight.

However I've still got the Artisan Lace Weight Merino and the hand-dyed Hipknits Cashmere Laceweight for sale, either separately at £3 and £5 respectively, or else £7 for the lot, including the Margaret Stove pattern card as well.

I'm getting seriously tempted to cast on for something with the Artisan Merino, though.....

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