Monday, 23 March 2009


Things have been a bit busy over the past few days, and I haven't got as much knitting done as I'd have liked.

However, Rugged is very nearly finished. I just have to finish the seaming, and that is slow going - reverse stocking stitch, don't you know. Not to mention very bulky, softly spun yarn. I haven't found it necessary to seam with something else, though - adding just a bit of twist to each length of yarn makes a big difference. It is looking good. I'll have at it with the steam iron again when the seaming is finished - I've already blocked all the pieces before I started the finishing - and then it will be ready to hand over to my husband.

I am tempted to say that it's a good thing the weather has turned cold again, because he will be able to wear it - but I don't really mean that. It has felt as if summer had come early, for the last week, and I am sorry that the cold wind is back again.

Once I've got Rugged out of the way, I shall get the Serendipity Socks finished, and cast on for another of my queued-up Blue Moon kits - probably the first one from the 2009 sock club, I do believe. It's by Sivia Harding, and it has beads all over it. Outside the comfort zone for me, without a doubt - but it is a very pretty pattern, and the colours are lovely.

So which major project is going to be on the needles next? I had been thinking Foxtail, and then moving on to summer projects like Ravenscar and Avignon - but as it is so cold outside, I feel that urge to knit myself a big warm wool pullover again. Maybe Kaari? Or perhaps Pyrenees.....?

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