Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Sweater number four this year is finished.

Here is Rugged, from Rowan 42, pattern by Erika Knight.

I made the largest size, to fit chest 48". The yarn quantities given were spot on - I needed 20 balls of Rowan Country (now discontinued). This colour is 652 Willow.

Changes - I didn't work a contrast edging to the neckline, I shortened the sleeves by 4" (my husband doesn't like sleeves that hang down over his hands) and I lengthened the body by 1 1/2". I also changed the way that the centreline of the V neckline is worked - I've kept the centre stitch as a knit stitch, rather than a purl stitch. I've come across this in an Erika Knight pattern before (Chevy) and I decided at the time that I wasn't so keen on it - so this time I've done it differently, and I prefer the end result.

I liked working the cable detail on the sleeve.

A couple of minor things in the pattern, but nothing that wouldn't be spotted immediately. If I knit it again, I'd change the neckline and have the division for the V starting higher up. The number of stitches that the pattern says to pick up along the sides of the front V is fewer than I'd expect - it fits ok after steam blocking, and I'm not sufficiently bothered about it to go back and rework it - but next time it would be better to have a shallower V.

Still don't know what's going to be next onto the needles!

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Lin said...

Goodness gracious! You are a sweater knitter of speed! I like the yarn and cable detail.