Monday, 9 March 2009


I'm definitely not making progress in the right direction at the moment. Today there has been frogging, and there is more to come tomorrow.

The reason for the first lot of frogging is the sleeve shaping. I was just finishing this first sleeve when I took a long hard look at it, and had a sudden realisation. Losing that unwanted 4" of length meant that the increases finished rather too close to the beginning of the raglan. It just wouldn't fit nicely unless I revised the placement of the increases. Obvious, once you've seen it, like a lot of things in knitting. So I frogged, almost all the way back to the beginning of the increases.

Yes, it hurt.

I've noticed that the big cable on the sleeve changes the row count, by the way. You end up needing to work more rows that you think, for a given length. I shall do a bit of judicious blocking tomorrow morning whilst the sleeve is still on the needles, before I start the raglan shaping. Just, you know, just to be sure. My husband dislikes sleeves that are a bit too long almost as much as he dislikes sleeves that are a bit too short.

The next thing I make for him is going to be a waistcoat, I tell you.

After I've finished reknitting the frogged sleeve, I shall frog the back, down to the beginning of the raglan shaping. Then I shall add as much length as I think I can manage, and rework the top part of the back. At that point, I shall be pretty much back where I started this morning. Sigh.

This afternoon I was trying to decide exactly how much yarn I could spare for the extra length. The final decision must wait until I have finished this first sleeve, then I can weigh the remains of ball number 10 and see how much I have to play with. I've worked out that the front plus the neckband will actually take slightly more yarn that the back alone, so I need to make sure I have enough.

I could work the neckband in the grey Polar if I need to, but I'd prefer this to be an option rather than a necessity.

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