Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Polly is coming along.

The colour looks a bit washed out in the picture above - the closeup below is better.

Nice textured fabric, this. And the yarn is lovely to work with, very well behaved and beautifully soft. I was wondering how this yarn would work with this stitch pattern - Cashsoft Chunky, the yarn for which the pattern is written, has a nice sheen to it, and that would work really well with this textured surface.

Polar is completely matte, but it too works well with the texture. Less definition, no sheen, more fuzziness. Still beautifully soft, still with an excellent drape, although not so heavy as the Cashsoft.

I have finished the back now, as well as the first sleeve, and so far I've used less than 4 balls of yarn. I'm going to have a lot left over, and I'm wondering about why the quantities are so far out. Ok, I am able to use felted joins with the Polar, which wouldn't really be possible with the Cashsoft - but even so it is puzzling.

You see, I'm making the size to fit bust 40" - that would be XL. The pattern says 19 balls of Rowan Classic Cashsoft Chunky for this size - and that would be either 950 metres or 1045 metres, depending on what you believe the yardage is, either 50 or 55 metres. The Rowan website says one thing, and the shade card on my bookshelf says another.

The Polar has 100 metres to a ball, so that should mean that this size would need either 10 or 11 balls. I've got 12 balls of this stuff. And I've used less than 4 for the back and one sleeve......?

Interesting. I'm wondering now if I'm missing something crucial.


Kate said...

I think that sometimes yarn doesn't comply with any reasoning and it's best to just go with the flow. :-) And also buy as much as possible so you don't run out mid-garment...

Heather said...

It is looking lovely so far, and the fabric created looks so snuggly!

Total mystery about the number of balls though. Could it be a misprint in the pattern?