Thursday, 5 February 2009


Still here, just a bit busy. And still knitting.

I've finished the second sleeve now, and I have started the left front. I am going to have so much yarn left! The back and two sleeves took five balls of yarn. What shall I do with all the rest of it? I am thinking about maybe another hat and some matching mittens. Matching - now there's a novel concept. It could grow on me.

I won't inflict on you another picture of grey knitting. Suffice it to say that I hope to have the left front finished tomorrow - and that does mean that I may get Polly finished completely over the weekend.

Or not. Because now that I've said that, something will happen to prevent it. Or could that be just a touch of cynicism creeping in there? Perish the thought.....

It is snowing again, by the way. We had a good 5" today, more is coming down right now, and it is freezing hard. We aren't used to this, not at all. My husband is appreciating the Striped Sweater, which seems to be his new favourite pullover. He's worn it pretty much non-stop since I handed it over. I obviously need to knit him more wool pullovers.

Lucy is so funny in the snow - it is pretty deep for her, and she bounces around in it like a puppy, trying to catch the big soft snowflakes as they fall.... I'll have to try to get a picture. She is so sweet!

I've been looking through my Rowan magazines looking for more ideas for woolly jumpers for myself, and I am increasingly drawn to an old Kim Hargreaves pattern, Solo, from Rowan 26 - not Rowan 27 as it says in the Ravelry link there. This is pretty much the same thing as Vanilla, although worked to a different tension. I would be playing around with the tension anyway, as RYC Wool Tweed is a classic aran weight, unlike the yarns used for these two patterns. Also, I think that the Wool Tweed would be very well suited to this wide drapy shape.

Very Shirin Guild... or am I kidding myself? I think perhaps not - I think this could work well.....

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