Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday afternoon

Still working on Polly, albeit a bit intermittently because things keep happening.....

Here's the left front, looking rather curly due to not being blocked.

The markers are where the buttons are going to be placed - which reminds me, I must go and actually find the buttons that I have in mind. I haven't got as far as the first buttonhole yet, on the Right Front. Not much further, though.

I do like the front edging. Alternately two rows of stocking stitch, and two rows of reverse stocking stitch - it is like fat garter stitch. It works beautifully, and it doesn't want to flip over or curl or misbehave in any way at all.

It looks as if the whole thing will take 8 balls, and I may just need to break into ball number 9.

I've been looking again at yarn quantities. The pattern says that this size needs 19 balls of Cashsoft Chunky - and Ravelry says that this yarn has 50 metres to a ball. My shade card says 55, but maybe I should ignore that. So that means 950 metres of yarn, which ought to mean 10 balls of Polar, at 100 metres to a ball.

Might the amount of yarn saved due to working felted joins actually be of some significance? But it can't come to more than 19 or 20 metres, and that's being very generous indeed. So where does the difference come from?

Could it be that an allowance for knots in the yarn is included? - that would be a sensible thing. But even if there is a knot in every ball, that can't come to more than 10 or 20 metres again. But that does bring it down to 910 metres......

And actually, that's close enough. I think that what we are seeing in this pattern is quite simply a realistic assessment of the yarn requirements. I'd much rather have yarn left over, anyway.

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Kate said...

Oh, it's always nice to have yarn left over. :-) I'd rather that than have to scramble around to find an extra ball in the same dyelot.