Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Polly still isn't quite finished - once again, not a lot of knitting time. Things have been busy. There isn't much more to do now, though.

I've finished all the pieces and seamed the raglans - which is slow going, let me tell you. The raglan edges are in reverse stocking stitch, and although it is possible to get a really excellent result using mattress stitch for this, it is very slow. Usually with mattress stitch I zoom along taking two rows at a time - but with reverse stocking stitch it ends up looking too 'stepped' if I do that. So, one row at a time, and of course that means that it takes exactly twice as long as normal.

One thing about chunky knitting - although the actual fabric gets done incredibly fast, the finishing needs to be at least as painstaking as with fine yarns. A single strand in the wrong place, and it really shows. So real care and attention is needed for every stitch placed.

Anyway, I'm just working the neckband now, and then I've got the last side and sleeve seam to work, and it will be finished. Add the buttons, press the seams - and then I think, a photograph.

By the way, I think I've identified why so many of the finished Pollys on Ravelry have a slightly awkward finish to the top corner of the right front. Not all of them have this, I hasten to add, but there are quite a few with this problem.

Firstly, this is the corner where the casting off finishes, so care is needed not to end up with a sticking-out edge stitch. I know a trick for this, though, so that should be alright.

But there is also a small point with regard to working the neckband. Some of the stitches are already on holders, at the opening edge of the two fronts. You start with the right front - but you don't work across the stitches on the holder. Instead, the stitches on the holder are simply slipped across onto the working needle, and the 'pick up and knit' starts with the slope of the right front neckline. So the first time these stitches are actually worked in the neckband is on the return row.

I think that this little detail has been missed in quite a lot of the finished garments - you expect to find 'attach yarn to right front, work across x stitches on holder, pick up whatever number of stitches along right front slope....' - and that's not quite what the pattern says. The extra row across the front edge stitches makes that top corner just sit slightly awkwardly, I think.

Anyway, we'll soon see whether mine looks alright or not.

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