Monday, 2 February 2009


It is snowing.

Not a lot - but it is definitely snowing, and here in the warm (supposedly) mild (usually) West of England, we don't get a lot of snow. And it is cold, too.

This means that I suddenly want to knit myself a big woolly pullover - after I finish Polly, of course. I'm not going to stop knitting Polly, I just want to have the next thing ready and waiting. You know how it goes .... or is it just me?

So, into the stash. I know what I want to knit - Pyrenees, from Rowan Classic Alpine, in some nice Rowan Classic Wool Tweed that I just happen to have. Except .... except... except I cannot find it. Or to be precise, I cannot find all of it.

I have found one pack, just where I was expecting it to be - but I know I bought 12 balls. I cannot find the two extra balls. I know they are there. I just cannot find them, and this is most frustrating. They have probably been put in a bag with something else, because if I left them on their own then they would get lost. Of course they would. Just like this.

I think I'll give up, and plan something else instead. If I do that, then they'll be right there on the shelf looking at me, I just know it.

The thing with the stash, is that you have to have the right attitude of mind.

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Heather said...

You definitely have the right plan. As soon as you can convince them that you aren't looking for them any more they will turn up.