Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Invisible knitting

I have been knitting, I swear I have. But it seems that there isn't anything to show for it. The results of my efforts are, if not exactly invisible, then at least imperceptible.

I'm talking about the Earth Stripe Curtain here, of course.

It is really very pretty..... five colours in play so far, two more still to come. But it is certainly slow progress.

This is worked on the same size needles as the Earth Stripe Wrap, but with single yarn instead of with two strands held together. The tension is a little different, too.

Anyway, for this curtain, I have something close to three times more stitches on the needle than the Earth Stripe Wrap requires. And the length of the curtain is going to be approaching double that of the Wrap. I've been doing some arithmetic, and I can tell you that this Curtain has more than 5 times the total number of stitches for the Wrap.

So that's like knitting 5 and a bit Earth Stripe Wraps one after another, and that did make me pause, I can tell you.

This is going to take a long time.

I started it on the 13th of this month, and I've done just 17 rows so far. But if I can continue to get at least three rows finished each day - or even four? - then it will be done before the end of the year. That'll do.

I'm not going to put up another picture of Susie just yet. I have been working on it, but I still haven't got to the armhole shaping on the back and really it looks the same as it did before. Invisible knitting, don't you know.

What else - the travelling sock. Progress here is not invisible.

The colours are very true here - it is looking rather nice, actually..

I am working a slight variation here on my usual pattern, apart from the obvious 3x1 ribbing. My husband's socks always go into holes at exactly the same place, underneath the heel. So I have decided that it would be sensible to work heel stitch not just through the heel flap, but to continue through the heel turn and along the underside of the heel, in order to pre-empt this. I think I shall continue with the heel stitch section on the sole until the gusset shaping is finished, that ought to cover it.

Can't think why this didn't occur to me months ago. Well, better late than never.


Kate said...

Love the travelling sock colours. Mr B's socks tend to wear out in the sole first, and I'd never thought about making the sole thicker to deal with this, but will give it a try. :-)

Nevisknitter said...

Love your sock colours and the KSH curtain. I am making my husband his first pair of knitted socks and doing a thicker heel flap, never thought he might wear them away underneath.