Friday, 27 February 2009


The end of the week already...

Knitting has progressed from being completely non-existent, through infrequent, back to a more normal level. However the poor Earth Stripe Curtain hasn't even made it out of the knitting bag for the entire week. So much for averaging two or three rows a day! Maybe I will catch up, but I think that my days of setting targets for myself are over, that is something that doesn't add a thing to the knitting experience. I really don't want to worry about what I have or have not been able to do.

Along those lines, however, there has been some degree of consideration regarding NaKniSweMoDo, because I'm not exactly storming along here.

The back of Cashmere Susie is finished, and I've started the left front.

As I said, not exactly storming along here. But all is not yet lost. Twelve finished in the course of 2009 is my goal, and this will be the third so far.

I know what I'm doing next, though. I had thought of working this year entirely from stash or handspun, but that idea didn't last long once I spotted the Rowan sale at Kemp's.

This is Rowan Country, now discontinued, in a colour called Willow. It is going to be a pullover for my husband - Rugged from Rowan 42. I think it is unlikely that I will work the contrast edging on the collar, although the possibility of a bit of the leftover grey Polar creeping in there hasn't been ruled out completely.

I managed to talk my husband into this even though he officially doesn't like Aran knitting, because a single plaited cable up each arm is all there is to deal with. He's decided that he doesn't mind that - and I haven't worked cables for ages and they are something that I do enjoy, so there we are.

I've seen comments that the sleeves of this pattern are strangely wide and long, but my husband has big arms so I don't anticipate too many problems there, however I'll keep that under review.

Finally the travel sock has made some progress.

I need to alter the placement of the gusset shaping on the second sock, so that the decrease line is three stitches in instead of two - then it will look more harmonious with the 3x1 ribbing on the top of the foot. Otherwise this has worked well.

I think you can see the extended heel stitch section there - I've continued working heel stitch through the heel turn and along the sole of the sock until the gusset decreases were finished. This really ought to become a fixed feature of my husband's socks.

Not that I mind darning, but prevention is better than cure, don't you know.


Kate said...

Sales are evil and ruin all good intentions. :-( Nice purchase there, though!

mooncalf said...

Oh, I've bought the same yarn in the same colour from the same place for the same purpose. Snap!

Anonymous said...

I finally printed off your 'Stair Step Trick' post from October 6, 2008. I kept referring to it.
Thank you very much for posting this tip, just love it!