Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have no idea how it happens that today is Thursday - I seem to be totally out of sync with the rest of the world. Once again, Things have been happening, and I cannot deny that it is all rather difficult at the moment. Nevertheless, life goes on.

Knitting ought to be going on as well, but there hasn't been a lot of it.

Polly is still not finished, and no, I have no idea what on earth I've been doing with my time.

I still haven't finished the seaming, let alone stitched on the buttons. It is looking good, though. I do like the way that mattress stitch looks on reverse stocking stitch, with all the little bits interlocking so neatly.

And yes, that's my eReader. I still love it. I keep forgetting that it isn't a 'dead tree' book and trying to physically turn the pages. It is far too easy to spend inordinate amounts of time browsing Project Gutenberg - free ebooks! yes, free! - actually maybe that has something to do with the shortage of knitting around here. I've been doing a bit of proofreading for them as well, and enjoying it.

Back to Polly - the top corner of the right front is looking alright, as well. That's definitely the trick - not to work across the edge stitches on the pickup row. And that thing with the very last stitch, as well.

The travel sock is coming along slowly.

This is a very simple pattern, 1x1 ribbing at the top as usual, flowing into 3x1 ribbing for the rest of the sock. I might write it out, I've had a couple of requests.

Pretty colours.....

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cathy said...

Yes, those are pretty colors. A nice break now and then from knitting grey, perhaps. :)