Thursday, 15 January 2009


On Monday evening I cast on for another pair of Travel Socks, because, you know, I have to have a basic pair of socks in my handbag. As usual, these will be for my husband.

He does like his handknit socks. The yarn is one of Kaffe Fassett's newer colourways for Regia, 04351 Mirage Jungle, and just for a change it is not striped. My husband picked out this yarn himself, when we looked in at That Shop last year. I am glad that he likes interesting colours for his socks, it would be very boring working plain old neutrals all the time. A nice bright sock makes a good change.

I have started with my usual 1x1 ribbing, and I haven't got very far yet, as you can see. It has occurred to me that I could do something a little different with the pattern this time - you know, something wild and crazy like maybe a 3x1 ribbing, or a waffle pattern - or maybe not. I shall see how the mood takes me.

Today I am working on the Striped Sweater again, poor thing. I'm working on the front - all the rest is done. I've finally got through that interminable fancy rib, and I'm into the stripes. Stripes always go fast, don't they? It is true that in this case they better had do, as well, otherwise I am going to be lost before I even fairly get going with NaKniSweMoDo. Twelve sweaters finished in a year..... I haven't given up yet. Although I may have to.

The reason for that is a piece of news yesterday, not at all welcome - it seems that I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.

I've been having some shoulder and arm pain, and waking with a 'dead' arm - not always the same arm - and also some tingling in my hands which has been continuing through the day - my GP says it's pretty clear what the problem is. I'm told that the first thing to try is wrist splints, to be worn at night. Glamorous, not! But I've got some on order, and when they get here, I shall see if they make a difference. I certainly hope that they do, it is a nice straightforward solution.

It's interesting that the carpal tunnel has become a problem over these last few weeks whilst I've been knitting much less than usual. I have no idea whether these two things are connected, it's just an observation. I am careful with my posture whilst knitting - I always have been. And I stop and do stretches at intervals, again, that's not new.

It doesn't hurt to knit, not at all. It does feel a bit odd if the fingers are being very tingly - I stop then, of course - and I've been dropping things, like cups, and books, and my mobile. But I've not been dropping my knitting!

What else.... today, I am waiting for the postman. Because, you know, today is the day that the new Rowan magazine is out, and I am a long-time subscriber. I am really, really looking forward to this one. The new yarns are not released until the beginning of February, so we've got a couple of weeks to plan. I do think that the new linen yarn sounds really good. And there are several designs in Rowan 45 that are really calling to me - I want to look at the patterns! The shaping, the yarns used, the tension - all the details!

Hurry up, postman!


Heather said...

Hope the wrist splints do the trick. It all sounds rather irritating. Hope the postie arrives soon!

Fiona said...

That's a lovely colourway.

I saw your comment on my blog - sorry about doubling up on your blog name! Would you like me to put a note near the top along the lines of 'if you're looking for the Fiona from Wiltshire, please go here'? People are probably more likely to find my blog looking for yours than vice versa.

Fiona said...
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SewIknit2 said...

sorry to hear about your carpel tunnel! I've had tendonitis and have a frozen shoulder which is playing havoc with my knitting too!
Glad you reminded me the Rowan mag is due out! I let my rowan membership lapse and must visit the shop to buy my copy! what do you think of the patterns in this issue?