Saturday, 31 January 2009

Up to date

Back to the computer again..... more odds and ends.

Soul did indeed get finished on Thursday evening. I really like it - and it fits!

However, you will have to take my word for it. It is very hard indeed to take pictures of your own head. I did try.....

.... but it is apparent that I cannot do it. I have no idea how anyone manages this. It feels completely impossible, and I am obviously missing something crucial. Go here instead, and imagine a sludge coloured version like mine. I should stick to my knitting, I believe.

This hat works. It is actually a very flattering hat to wear, and I absolutely love the beading. Also, I can tuck all my hair inside the hat if I want to - very useful when it is raining.

It is a quick and straightforward knit that grows very quickly, and is great fun to make. The beading is extremely easy. If you've never tried anything like this, please don't be put off. Kim writes excellent instructions, as always, and once you've tried it, you'll wonder what you were worried about.

I didn't run out of yarn, I had about 10 yards left from my single skein of Cascade 220. The pattern is to be found in Kim Hargreaves' excellent book Amber. I made the larger size, with no modifications at all. I have a relatively large head, measuring 23 1/2" around, and this size fits me well.

From the comments - and I am aware that I am way behind with responding to these, please forgive me -

Terri - I love Rowan Scottish Tweed, full stop. All the different thicknesses are the same wool, in effect, and I do prefer working with finer yarns rather than heavier ones. I have some of the Scottish Tweed Chunky waiting to become a nice Moss Stitch Jacket sometime fairly soon, and I have some Scottish Tweed Aran waiting to become the Lantern Cardigan, together with some Colourscape Chunky - also hopefully sometime before it gets too warm to wear it.

And I also have quantities of the Scottish Tweed 4 ply waiting to become a whole assortment of things.... watch this space....

But the main reason I have been raving about the gorgeousness of the DK is very simple - it is what I was working with. It does make a wonderful fabric - but so will the Aran, and the Chunky, and the 4 ply (be still, my heart) ...... and I shall no doubt be raving about each of these in turn.

By the way - well done for getting hold of some of the Aran and the Chunky - I wish I had more than I do. A little bird told me that it won't be around much longer.

What else - oh yes. I swatched some more for Polly - I decided to change to Addi Turbos - and cast on yesterday afternoon at knitting group. I do love my Harmony straights - the short ones, of course - the finish is just wonderful and they are so pretty! - and I had picked them up for my first swatch, but really they are a bit too pointy for working with such a soft yarn. The Addi Turbos are jolly slippery with the Polar and keep trying to fall out when I'm not paying attention, but the actual knitting goes better than with the Harmony needles. So, Addis it is.

But that isn't all that I've done, to be truthful. That is the back, just begun this morning. It's a bit further along now. And actually I started with a sleeve, just to be different, and finished it yesterday evening.

Here it is looking somewhat curly due to being unblocked.

Rowan Polar is really nice stuff to work with, beautifully soft - although it was shedding a bit today. Mind you, I was wearing a black knitted skirt, so every stray fibre was showing....

And yes, that is grey knitting, yet again.

Finally, Super Triangles - that early Kaffe Fassett kit - is off to a new home. I am a bit sad to see it go, but it is time that someone enjoyed knitting it up and actually wearing it.

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