Friday, 2 January 2009

Slow stashing

Have you read this?

Really, I couldn't agree more. This is such a good mindset. And, you know, I think that I need to do this.

Slow stashing - stop and think before you buy. Yes, I can do that. And I have a whole lot of re-organising to do in the stash, as well.

And having said that, I will just mention the joy that is John Lewis' yarn clearance sale, because I happened to be in Cribb's Causeway earlier in the week looking (unsuccessfully, as it happened) for curtain poles - yes, for the window where the Earth Stripe curtain will be, one day.

I had heard a rumour about Rowan's 4 ply Soft, which is one of my favourite yarns - and yes, it is in clearance. I bought two packs, one in Dove - I love this colour - and another in Malachite. A lot of other things are in clearance too, including Damask (none left at Cribb's on Tuesday, sorry) and 4 ply cotton (again, none left at Cribb's). Also a fair bit of Alpaca Soft, and a lot of other lovely stuff too.

I wonder what new yarns are coming for Spring? I have a feeling that we won't be disappointed here. I'd be really pleased to see a 4 ply cotton with a mercerised finish, I have no idea whether this is planned - but wouldn't it be nice?

The 4 ply Soft is going to become this top from the wonderful Sally Melville, and also this, if I can manage it. (Ravelry links there.)

And I want to make this, too. I need a nice standard DK weight, that will give good stitch definition. I've got some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK somewhere, I know that - but I'm not sure if I have enough. Alternatively, I'm wondering if I could possibly use handspun. I haven't managed to spin a garment's weight of yarn yet.

Something to think about, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings, Fiona,
I found you through a link from a spin list poster-true web crawling don't you agree?
I wanted to comment on the beautiful mitten design I saw. That is just lovely. Where I can find the pattern?
I am sending good new year's greetings from upstate New York, where it is very cold (6 deg.F) and snowy at the moment. I spin a lot of yarn but not great amounts of the same fiber, so mittens and hats and vests are usually the knitting projects I go for.
On the subject of slow stashing, I cannot contribute much. I have only bought 10 skeins of yarn all last year. I have spun many, many skeins, though. Does that count?
With soft and wooly wishes to you and your,
Antje in Wayne County, New York