Thursday, 29 January 2009

Show and tell

I'm not exactly speeding along with Soul. Things have been a bit busy over the last couple of days, and knitting time has been a bit scarce on the ground. Nevertheless I have made some progress, as you can see.

This is actually much prettier than I thought it was going to be - the silvery beads work very well with the sludgy neutral of the yarn, just sparking it up enough to be interesting.

I intend to get this finished today - knitting group is tomorrow, and I can take it along for Show-and-Tell.

And that's another thing! Show-and-Tell is something that I really like, particularly the way it is run at this group. There is a table at the side where everyone puts things that they have finished since the last meeting, and at some point in the afternoon, the lady who runs the group will 'talk through' what's on the table - this works really well, because it doesn't feel as if you are putting yourself forward, all you have to do it put your FO's on the table with everyone else's.

It is always interesting and useful to look at other people's finished projects, it seems that everyone likes this. Ideas, inspiration, new yarns, new patterns - and new techniques as well, because the group that I attend is not just for knitters, it includes all sorts of crafts. I see people working on quilting, patchwork, embroidery, tatting, bobbin lace - now that's something to watch, I can tell you! - and of course, there are plenty of knitters.

So, it is lovely to see and handle other people's finished work - but this does work both ways. People need to actually put things on the table in the first place, and that includes me. So the Striped Sweater will be going on the table, and so (hopefully) will Soul.

On a different note, I've started going through the stash, and I've come across something rather special. Here is a bit of show-and-tell of my own - this is 'Super Triangles'.

This is very rare indeed.

It is a very early Kaffe Fassett kit from Rowan, dated 1984. This predates all the Rowan magazines, and I've learned that this is from the period when Kaffe was designing for Missoni - and indeed it does have a similar look.

You can see instantly that it is from Kaffe Fassett - it is unmistakeable. Many of the earlier designs were very 80's with regard to the sizing and general shape, and don't fit so well with modern styling - but this is different, as you can see. It is a neat hip-length edge to edge jacket and it really is extremely wearable.

This is an original kit, needless to say. The yarns are all 100% wool. Most of them are DK, three of them are fingering weight tweed.

The kit includes the pack of yarn, with 21 different colours in varying quantities, a sew-in label saying 'A Kaffe Fassett Design for Rowan Yarns - Hand wash with care', a compliments slip from Stephen Sheard, and a card with yarn samples, so you can see which colour is which. And the pattern, of course!

Lovely colours, quite muted as you can see - and the pattern is not complicated, no more than two colours in any row, and the chart repeat is just 17 rows, with the colour combinations changing at intervals.

Sizing is from 32" to 40", and looking at stitch counts and tension, the finished measurements should be from approximately 33 1/4" to 42 3/4".

It's really pretty, but the colours just aren't me, and I think it's time for it to belong to someone else, who will love it properly. So I've put this up on Ravelry, marked for sale (or trade) - here.

If you think that you might interested, please let me know!


cathy said...

How interesting to find a time capsule like that in your stash!

Anyway, just wanted to say the finished Striped Sweater is lovely. I think using the deeper red was a good change. It looks more timeless than with the orange-y one in the book (though that's nice, too.)

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the triangles kit from Kaffe Fassett? (The one from 1984). I knitted it in about 1988 and wore it solidly for about 10 years until it fell to pieces. It is just about the most complimented piece of clothing I have ever worn (and made). It went well with absolutely everything. Stunning.

Have stopped knitting for some time. Hoping to get back to it.